Man In Philippines Uses Robot To Buy Bubble Tea In MBS, Leaves Staff Impressed

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Man In Philippines Uses Robot To Buy Bubble Tea In Marina Bay Sands

Last year, a teen attempt at buying zi char using a remote control car went viral.

Man Uses Remote Control Car To Buy Zi Char, Leaves Cash In Box As Payment

Recently, a man in the Philippines decided to take things to the next level by remotely piloting around Singapore while he was overseas.

In a video posted on TikTok, the man controls his robot to order bubble tea at a stall in Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

Source: @frodobots on TikTok

Although the robot ran into some obstacles along the way, its ‘mission’ was a success thanks to some kind souls it met along the way.

Unsurprisingly, everyone, including the staff, was left impressed by the nifty gadget.

Robot follows mallgoers & approaches bubble tea store in MBS

Starting the minute-long TikTok video off, a remotely controlled robot drives itself up to the automatic doors of MBS.


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That’s where its first hurdle appeared as the door seemingly refused to open up.

It then followed in the footsteps of a mall-goer, successfully infiltrating MBS as a result.

Source: @frodobots on TikTok

The robot then made its way to the HEYTEA outlet and approached the front counter confidently.

Through a speaker, a voice says “Hello,” but it was met with silence as no one batted an eye.

Source: @frodobots on TikTok

Kind man rescues distressed robot to order bubble tea in MBS

After a while, the robot finally caught the attention of one of the shop’s staff, and it didn’t waste any time explaining what it was up to.

Source: @frodobots on TikTok

The staff, who couldn’t catch the robot’s words, tried leaning in before a kind man came to the rescue.

Speaking to the robot, the man asks the robot, “What are you saying?”. With a hint of relief, the robot says its bubble tea order before the man asks if that’s all it’s having.

Source: frodobots on TikTok

The robot then says that it has cash in its basket, which prompted the man to pass the wallet to the staff, seemingly to make payment.

Source: @frodobots on TikTok

Robot receives compliments as mallgoers unfazed by new technology

The video then cuts to another scene showing the robot acting just like any other paying customer by asking if their order is ready.

Source: @frodobots on TikTok

The man, who ordered before the robot, made sure to tell the robot its queue number before leaving with his own bubble tea order in hand.

Even if it was weird for the staff, she didn’t show it as she finally passed the robot its bubble tea order.

Source: @frodobots on TikTok

Leaving with the cup of boba in the basket, the robot made its way out of the mall.  Like before, the robot follows in the footsteps of mallgoers exiting MBS.

Before the video ends, the robot gets one last compliment as the woman in front of the robot comments on how cool the robot is.

Source: @frodobots on TikTok

MS News has reached out to the OP to get comments on his nifty gadget. The article will be updated accordingly.

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Featured image adapted from @frodobots on TikTok.

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