Roti Prata Blanket On Shopee S’pore Turns You Into Your Favourite Weekend Breakfast Dish

This Roti Prata Blanket For Foodies Is Available On Shopee Singapore

Crispy roti prata hot off the griddle is perhaps one of the popular breakfast or supper options. If you need a constant reminder of this sinfully delicious treat, here’s a blanket that should be on your shopping list.

Shopee Singapore has roti prata blankets that will let you snuggle into your favourite breakfast treat.

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Imagine starting and ending your day wrapped up in this iconic pastry-looking fabric.

Roti prata blanket wraps you up in a warm snuggle

Roti prata is a well-loved dish eaten with rich curries or other gravies, filled with cheese or bananas, or topped with yummy toppings. Apart from being our go-to comfort food, we’ve found an alternative version that will offer you a different kind of solace.

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Shopee Singapore’s realistic roti prata blankets are an enlarged version of the real thing.

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Though this won’t quell your cravings, at least you can wrap yourself up and look like a giant prata snacc.


Lay it down on the floor and it can also pass as a carpet where you can play with the fam or just lepak after a long day.


The prata blanket is available on Shopee Singapore with prices starting from $31.28, though the listing labels it as a tortilla blanket. But hey, it can be whatever you want it to be.

The smallest option has a diameter of 120×120 cm while the largest is exactly 180cmx180cm.

Have a good night’s rest with the roti prata blanket

While we often associate prata with the act of flip-flopping around, we hope sleeping with this blanket on won’t leave you tossing and turning.

Surely, snuggling under the cover of this warm, comfort food throw will only grant you a good night’s rest.

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Featured image adapted from Taobao.

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