Primary School Show-And-Tell Goes Wrong After Parent Confronts Teacher

The Internet has spoken: the parent was the ruder one in the teacher-parent saga that has taken cyberspace by storm. That’s according to a MustShareNews poll conducted on Friday (3 Aug) morning.

As of 1:10pm on Friday, 193 votes were cast, with 106 saying the parent was the ruder one. 87 respondents voted for the teacher.

Don’t know what the fiasco’s about? This should get you up to speed:

The text war

Screenshots of a conversation between a parent and teacher were shared on Hardwarezone earlier this week.

That post quickly gained traction online and got 53 pages of responses by Friday evening.

Here’s the conversation:


The teacher explained that the instructions pertaining to a show and tell could be found on Class Dojo. This classroom messaging app allows parents to communicate directly with teachers and track their child’s performance in school.

Visibly irritated by the teacher’s response, the parent lashed out.




The conversation was left open-ended, with the last message from the teacher asking the student to refer to his script for instructions.

Kena flamed on Facebook

The parent dug a hole for herself by sharing these screenshots on Instagram, apparently in a bid to gain sympathy for her situation.

But she found herself in a war of words with another teacher who seemingly responded to the Hardwarezone thread.

Here’s what the other teacher wrote (tl;dr: she slammed the parent for not showing respect, being selfish, and claimed that such parents were responsible for the downfall of future generations. Ouch.).


The parent in question didn’t take this sitting down. She responded to the teacher with her own take-down:


What do you think? Was this a self-entitled parent or was this incompetence on the teacher’s part?

Featured Image from HardwareZone