SAF Sends 52 Personnel To Help Extinguish Australian Bushfires

Since Nov 2019, massive bushfires raging through southeastern Australia have killed 25 people and roughly half a billion animals.


To aid ongoing rescue efforts, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) dispatched 2 helicopters to the affected areas on Tuesday (7 Jan).


This came just 2 days after Australian Prime Minister (PM) Scott Morrison revealed the Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF) offer to help mitigate the bushfires.


RSAF helicopters carried 42 SAF personnel

According to a Facebook post by Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen, the 2 RSAF Chinook helicopters took off from Oakley Town on Tuesday (7 Jan) morning.


42 personnel including pilots, aircrews, and engineers headed for an airbase in Victoria, Australia, 1,260 km away, where they will be helping with ongoing rescue efforts.


In particular, the Chinook helicopters will help to bring “firefighting and relief supplies”, as well as assist with evacuation efforts.


Dr Ng added that since Australia has been hosting SAF troops for training for decades, SAF’s offer to help is “only natural”.

Australian PM thanks Singapore on Twitter

A day before the helicopters’ arrival, PM Scott Morrison posted a tweet thanking the countries who provided assistance to help combat the bushfires.


These countries include Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, and the US.

Hope the Australian bushfires will be extinguished soon

Our hearts go out to those who have been affected by this massive natural disaster.

As heartbreaking as this tragedy has been, seeing people all over the world coming together is truly uplifting.

With enough awareness and effort, we’re hopeful that the Australian bushfires will eventually come to an end.

Let’s hope that the combined efforts of the countries that have chipped in to help will be effective, so that the families and animals affected can resume their normal lives soon.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.