Video Shows Lorry With Safe Distancing Partitions

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak within migrant worker dormitories, the need to safeguard workers while they work is stronger than ever.

To combat the issue of safe distancing, especially when transporting people around, someone created partitions inside a lorry belonging to a construction company.


What’s special about this is that the partition appears to be custom-made, to ensure that those sitting inside can be safely distanced.

Partition in lorry for safe distancing purposes

The video appears to originate from TikTok and reposted elsewhere on the Internet.

In the video, someone is showing how lorries ferrying migrant workers is adhering to safe distancing — by installing partitions in the lorry that transports them to work.

With the partitions, up to 12 people can fit into the back of the lorry.

The partitions can be locked in place, ensuring they won’t flap around and hit anyone.


The video demonstrates how the workers leave the lorry by exiting one by one, while locking the partitions in place.

This method supposedly ensures that everyone is distanced in close quarters, even as they travel.

Safety concerns and legality raised over lorry partition

There’s definitely a lack of space, and travelling by lorry already isn’t particularly comfortable, not to mention what happens if by chance the lorry gets into an accident.

Well, the answer is that if the lorry does get into an accident, with or without the partitions, serious injury is a risk regardless.

We’re also unsure of the legality of such modifications, although some neitzens praised the employer for their creativity.

They understand the need for people to continue working during this period, and transporting them this way may help.

Others asked why the workers cannot be transported more safely or comfortably, like on a mini-bus.

Picture without context of lorry shared

Meanwhile, a picture was shared around on social media without context, that is, without the accompanying video.


A caption accompanied the image, asking how the foreign workers can be treated this way, without elaboration.


However, as we know, the video demonstrates the actual purpose of the partitions. If the poster was trying to sow discord or stir anger, they’re unlikely to succeed.

Regardless, some may argue that such a transport method lacks dignity and they say that employers should try to provide better transport instead of cutting costs.

Whether the workers should be transported in, say, mini-buses, is perhaps, a topic meriting discussion.

Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.