Hair Salon & TCM Clinic Visitors Must Bring Phones & NRIC For SafeEntry Tracking

Hair Salon & TCM Patrons Must Record Entries & Exits With SafeEntry

Hairdressers, barbers, confectionery & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shops are reopening today (12 May) after closing on 22 Apr, as per tightened Circuit Breaker measures.

Since it’s been almost 3 weeks without these services, we expect many Singaporeans to flock to these shops for haircuts, cakes and TCM medications.


Before visiting the shops, however, all patrons must register for SafeEntry as part of Singapore’s contact-tracing efforts, reports The Straits Times (ST).

This also means that all your entries and most exits to reopened stores will be recorded, via the SafeEntry system.

Here’s exactly how it works & how you can make the check-in process smoother.

Most shops & customers must register for SafeEntry

From Tuesday (12 May), all reopening shops must register for SafeEntry — an online check-in system via QR codes.

All patrons must do so too, before they are allowed to enter the premises.

This is especially important, since customers and staff will be in closer proximity in shops like salons.


Convenience stores & pharmacies are encouraged to register for SafeEntry – but it’s not a strict requirement – according to SafeEntry’s website. This is because transactions are transient & contact is limited.

How to register for SafeEntry?

Customers & shop staff that require SafeEntry must register themselves. You can do so by flashing your NRIC’s barcode to retail staff for scanning.

Or by filling up an online form via scanning a QR code onsite.

Most stalls would have already prepared instructions on how to do so at their premises, just remember to bring along your NRIC to your next barber’s visit.

Prepare your IC or phone before entering

Most of us would have encountered the SafeEntry system by now, at supermarkets and some malls too.

Let’s try to make the process a little more efficient by preparing our ICs and phones before we get to the queue.

That way, we won’t have to hold up the line of people behind us to dig in our wallets, or to re-scan the QR code.

Tracking exits is encouraged, but not compulsory

Do note that it is mandatory to check-in via SafeEntry when you enter the store, but not when you leave.

Still, shops are encouraged to track exits by placing QR codes at the exit.


Shop staff & patrons must mask up at all times

To ensure that contact is limited between staff & patrons, it is compulsory for staff and patrons to wear a mask at all times within & outside the stores.

All stores must also uphold certain standards of safe-distancing to ensure customers & staff remain safe within stores to continue operations as well.

More stores will reopen if we’re cooperative

With the ‘Circuit Breaker’ hopefully coming to an end soon, we might be able to go out and meet up with friends in the near future.

That said, there will definitely be measures like these in place, and we need to get used to them.

Life after the ‘Circuit Breaker’ won’t be a walk in the park, but we can make it work if we all cooperate and follow the measures.

Featured image adapted from Facebook & an MS News reader.

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