Young Girl Looks Stressed After Finding Out Classmate Has The Same Name

Throughout our school-going years, we’ve probably encountered many a David’s, Rachel’s and Jessica’s in class.

That short pause after the teacher calls out someone with the same name can be amusing yet uncomfortable at the same time.


A young Malaysian girl probably experienced that when she went to school recently, which explained her sour face after.

Mum panics upon seeing her daughter upset

In a post in the Facebook group “Anak Sepahkan Apa Hari Ini?” or “What Did Your Child Mess Up Today?”, a mum shared a funny encounter with her child.


On 4 Mar, Facebook user Umi was picking her daughter up from school when she noticed the young girl looking visibly upset.


When asked what was wrong, the little girl only responded with an indignant silence.

Worried, Umi asked her daughter again, perhaps in hopes of helping to ease her troubles.

Young girl wants new name as classmate has the same one

Finally opening up about what was bothering her, the young girl casually asked her mum in Malay,

Mum, can I change my name…someone in my class has the same name as me.

Immediately, Umi heaved a sigh of relief, upon realising that her daughter’s worries weren’t so serious after all.

However, she still quipped about having a headache, possibly trying to think of a solution to the little girl’s problem.

Hope little girl embraces her name wholeheartedly

While we’re quite sure Umi won’t be going around changing her daughter’s name, we’re glad that she took the initiative to check on how the little girl was doing in her first few days at school.

Hopefully, the little one will learn to embrace her name wholeheartedly and maybe even foster a close friendship with the classmate who shares it with her.

After all, what makes us unique isn’t just what’s in our names, but our personalities too.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.