You Can Dine By The Lake & Savour Fresh Seafood At This Floating Jakarta Restaurant

Floating Jakarta Restaurant Lets You Enjoy Seafood By The Lake

Most of us are city folk who have to contend with the hectic pace of life, whether we like it or not.

If one too many Zoom meetings have left you feeling exhausted, Talaga Sampireun in Jakarta, Indonesia might be able to offer you some respite.

In a restaurant that almost seems as if it is floating atop a lake, patrons can feast their eyes on the wonders of nature and enjoy exquisitely fresh seafood too.

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That’s not all — the restaurant also offers a wide array of activities, so your kids will be kept busy.

Let’s take a look at what this slice of heaven has to offer.

‘Floating’ hut offers a panoramic lakeside view

Talaga Sampireun has several outlets. But the one located in Bintaro, Greater Jakarta, is situated in a ‘floating’ cluster of huts, allowing you to dine while taking in the view of the tranquil lake.

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There is nothing to be seen for miles, except similar straw-covered huts and the glittering lake, offering a reprieve for those of us who badly need a break from work.

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In stark contrast to the city, this floating paradise surrounds you with the beauty of nature, letting you forget about deadlines and Zoom meetings for a while.

If you find yourself wanting to set foot on land, Talaga Sampireun has plenty of garden tables and mini shacks for you to chill with your friends.

Fresh seafood & Sudanese cuisine

Seafood lovers rejoice — this restaurant’s fresh seafood will ensure your tastebuds get the treat they deserve.

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Offering delicacies such as freshly cooked lobster, silver pomfret, and even shark catfish, the restaurant is perfect for those who love seafood.

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More adventurous diners can opt for live seafood. Be prepared for the lobster jumping off your plate, though.

The prices are fairly reasonable for a delightful lakeside dining experience too, with family packages available.

Fun activities for the kids

Great cuisine and fantastic views are not all that’s offered by Talaga Sampireun. The restaurant has taken the needs of children into account and provided fun activities for the young ones.

The sprawling playground outfitted with slides will allow your child to run around freely and have a jolly good time.

And if that’s not to your kids’ taste, there are other activities for them to try. The restaurant staff offers every patron one packet of fish feed to feed the marine wildlife swimming in the waters.

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You will be able to take in the sunset with your sprog and perhaps even learn more about the different species of fish living within the vicinity. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect evening?

How to get there to Talaga Sampireun seafood restaurant in Jakarta

Talaga Sampireun Bintaro is a two-minute drive from Titan Center.

Talaga Sampireun Bintaro
Kawasan Niaga Bintaro Sektor 7, Jl. Boulevard Bintaro Jaya Blok B7 No. N1, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15412, Indonesia
Opening Hours: Daily, 10 am to 10 pm.
Contact No: +62 21 7453999

Buses D10 and D26 on the S31 line will also be able to take you to the restaurant. Just be sure to take it in the Ciputat and Pamulang directions respectively.

If you find yourself in Jakarta craving seafood with your family, this restaurant is perfect for you.

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Featured image adapted from Talaga Sampireun.

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