Husband Of The Year Stirs Our Envy Pampering His Wife During Her 14-Day Self-Quarantine At Home

It’s strange, but the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be acting as some sort of strength test for couples’ relationships.

Apparently, being forced to stay in close proximity with each other over a prolonged duration is fodder for marital feuding.


But where some couples fail, one Filipina found herself overwhelmed with the knowledge that she married a gem.

In her Facebook post on 4 Apr, one Ms Erika detailed in 13 pictures the lengths her husband went to to ensure she had the safest and most comfortable quarantine ever.


Let’s see how “Husband of the Year” earned this honorary title from his wife.

Pampering starts even before quarantine

The story starts with Ms Erika travelling home to Manila from Melbourne, transiting in Singapore.

At this point, her husband has done something right already. He managed to book the transiting flight for 22 Mar, 2 days before Singapore closed its borders on 24 Mar.


We’ll award him additional brownie points since the seat he booked was isolated and close to the washroom. Safety and comfort, exactly what ladies look for in a man.


Ms Erika’s husband even sent her a bespoke “COVID-proof travel advisory”, with tips on how to stay hygienic.


In true attentive-husband fashion, he reminded her to remove her contact lenses — which she always forgets — and wear glasses instead.

Safety first, even at home

Upon reaching Manila, Ms Erika followed guidelines and self-quarantined for 14 days.

Her husband Covid-proofed their house with plastic wraps, even cutely making a clear window so they can stare longingly at each other.


Besides making sure commonly touched surfaces are easily disinfected, he also gave up the bed and bathroom, sleeping on the floor and using the kitchen sink instead.


Househusband qualities shooting through the roof

Apparently, the way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach, as Ms Erika found when she was on the receiving end of her husband’s love-filled meals and drinks.


When all was said and done, her husband also took charge of all chores and washing up, allowing Ms Erika to lead that tai-tai life.


Spending time together, apart

It must be torture to be so near yet so far away, but the couple made sure to spend time together, apart.

Ms Erika’s husband worked behind the plastic so he could “hold” her hand when she asked sometimes.


They also made sure to chat via phone call even though they lived in the same house, and prayed together via video call.


Thankfully, the loving couple were reunited after 14 days.

Ms Erika joked that her husband got a business upgrade from the floor to their shared bed.


Perhaps self-quarantine isn’t so bad after all

Although Singaporeans are allowed to carry out their quarantine in fancy hotels, we’re sure it can’t compare to this.

Loving husband to pamper us and cater to our every need? Sign us up.

Sure, quarantine can be mind-numbing, but we’re positive Ms Erika enjoyed every moment of it. The lengths her husband was willing to go to to ensure she was comfortable and safe awakens the green-eyed monster in all of us.

If that is not true love, then we’re not sure what is.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.