Teen Robs Sengkang 7-Eleven Of 6 Cigarette Packs & 1 Burger; Could Be Jailed & Caned

Teen Robs Sengkang 7-Eleven Cashier At Knife Point, All For A Burger & Cigarettes

A Singaporean teen took the saying, “when there’s a will, there’s a way” a little too far on Sunday (4 Aug).

Perhaps desperate for food and some puffs of the cigarette, 18-year-old Jacob Seow decided to rob a Sengkang 7-Eleven store at knife point.

He got away with what he wanted, but Singapore Police was quicker, and managed to catch him the very next day.

Stole burger & cigarettes from Sengkang 7-Eleven store

At around 1.10am on Sunday, Jacob entered the 7-Eleven store at block 403A Fernvale Lane, fruit knife in hand.


He headed straight for the 21-year-old Malaysian cashier and demanded a list of items which included:

  • Winston Classic cigarettes
  • Sampoerna cigarettes
  • Marlboro Double Burst cigarettes
  • 3 packs of L&M Fast Forward cigarettes
  • A Cheesy Chicken Burger


After getting everything he asked for, the teen left with his loot.

Caught by police the next day

Unfortunately for Jacob, his lone heist wasn’t a complete success, as police tracked him down the very next day and arrested him.

He was charged for armed robbery on the same day, which was Monday (5 Aug).

If found guilty, Jacob risks facing between 3 to 14 years of jail and at least 12 strokes of the cane, according to a report by CNA. He’ll return to court on Thursday (8 Aug) for the final verdict.

We’ll never know what spurred him to act so rashly, simply to obtain such regular, day-to-day items.

But the trade-off was clearly not worth it, as he would most likely end up in prison, all for a burger and six packets of cigarettes.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps and nestia.

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