Sengkang Neighbours Beautify Corridor With Plants & Artwork, It Looks Like A Garden Museum

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Sengkang HDB Corridor Has Plants & Framed Artwork

Over the recent festive season, we’ve seen our fair share of stories of neighbours coming together to beautify their common corridors.

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On Friday (4 Mar), Sengkang MP Jamus Lim took to Facebook to share a similarly wholesome sight he and his team had chanced upon in Anchorvale.

Residents had apparently come together to beautify their shared space, putting up plants and artworks, and transforming their corridors into somewhat of a garden gallery.

Sengkang corridor with artworks & plants looks like a gallery

In a Facebook post on Friday (4 Mar) morning, Prof Jamus Lim shared a video of the stunning corridor space that he and his team had recently discovered.

Unlike most HDB corridors, a wide variety of plants line these passageways, forming a kind of lush mini forest.


In one corner, the ‘botanical display’ neatly splits into 2 rows, with the upper tier covering the perhaps less-sightly railings.


Paintings depicting nature and plans also adorn the corridor, adding to the Jardinstyle gallery vibes.


The decorations stretched to every corner, including the refuse area. Taking out the trash is probably no longer a dreadful affair for residents there.


Presumably to admire the tiny garden at their ‘front porch’, one household even placed a tiny rattan chair in front of their doorway.


Imagine sitting there amidst the greens while sipping on a cuppa on a cool and rainy morning. There’s no better form of comfort than that.

A result of good neighbourly ties

In the caption, Prof Lim shared that he and his team had stumbled upon the decorations after concluding their house visit at 335B Anchorvale Crescent.

Besides bringing joy to residents, they apparently also improved the resale values of the flats there.

One of the new neighbours had reportedly placed down an offer immediately after seeing the mini garden gallery.

To Prof Lim, the beautiful display is only possible thanks to the good neighbourly ties and the residents’ desire to improve their surroundings.

Needless to say, this includes having to give and take from time to time — a concept that he often preaches to residents in conflict.

Hope other neighbours will foster positive ties too

It’s amazing to see how neighbours can come together to transform their run-of-the-mill corridors into a beautiful, paradisical place.

Perhaps residents in other neighbourhoods can get inspired to do the same at their own blocks, if possible.

But decor aside, we hope that such efforts bring neighbours together, to forge a loving community.

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Featured image adapted from Jamus Lim on Facebook

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