Sengkang General Hospital Patient Orders Panadol On Foodpanda After 2-Hour Wait For Painkillers, Hospital Apologises

Sengkang General Hospital Patient Orders Panadol On Foodpanda After 2-Hour Wait For Painkillers, Hospital Apologises

Sengkang General Hospital Patient Orders Panadol On Foodpanda After Waiting Too Long For Painkillers

One of the perks of seeking medical attention at a hospital is supposedly the round-the-clock care and availability of medical supplies.

A patient warded at Sengkang General Hospital (SKH), however, allegedly found himself waiting nearly two hours for his painkillers.

Source: @jombadok on TikTok

Annoyed, the patient decided to order Panadol through foodpanda instead — and it ended up arriving before the painkillers from the hospital.

SKH has since issued a statement apologising for the patient’s experience.

Sengkang General Hospital patient allegedly waits 2 hours for painkillers

Earlier this month, Mr Hamid Osman — who goes by @jombadok on TikTok — shared a video documenting his stay at SKH.

@jombadok Cannot get Panadol at Sengkang Hospital #viraltiktok #viraltiktoksg #sgtiktok #fypシ #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – Jom Badok Nation

Starting off the video, Mr Hamid said that he ordered painkillers but did not receive them even after two hours.

As such, he took matters into his own hands and ordered some Panadol through the foodpanda app.

Interestingly, the Panadol that Mr Hamid ordered arrived sooner than the painkiller he requested from the hospital.

As he took the lift down to collect his order, Mr Hamid expressed his bewilderment:

Can you imagine or not? Asking for Panadol and you cannot get a Panadol from a first-world hospital. Sengkang General Hospital. It’s really ridiculous.

Collects panadol from foodpanda rider at Sengkang General Hospital lobby

Mr Hamid then walked towards what appeared to be the hospital lobby.

There, a foodpanda rider stood waiting for Mr Hamid in his recognisable pink and grey outfit.

Source: @jombadok on TikTok

Mr Hamid subsequently explained the alleged situation to the rider, who appeared in shock and disbelief.

The patient then asked the rider to confirm what he had ordered.

“Panadol and Pocari [Sweat],” replied the rider.

After receiving his medicine, Mr Hamid went on a rant about his situation, describing it as “bloody ridiculous”.

Source: @jombadok on TikTok

He also shared his intention to ignore medical advice and recuperate at home where he has painkillers.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Mr Hamid said he was admitted to SKH on 11 Sep for gangrene and an ulcer on his right heel.

SKH apologises for patient’s experience

On Monday (18 Sep), SKH issued a Facebook post addressing Mr Hamid’s TikTok video.

Source: Sengkang General Hospital on Facebook

Apologising for the patient’s uncomfortable experience, SKH assured the public that Mr Hamid’s care team had provided him with “appropriate care” during his hospital stay.

Additionally, they shared that Mr Hamid has since been deemed medically fit for discharge.

SKH also took the opportunity to share that all medications for newly admitted patients must be approved by doctors for safety and record purposes.

Furthermore, patients with “less acute conditions” may also experience longer waiting times compared to those with more severe and urgent medical emergencies.

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Featured image adapted from @jombadok on TikTok.

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