Sengkang General Hospital Nurse Tests Positive For Covid-19, Last Worked On 25 Mar

Sengkang General Hospital Confirms Infected Nurse Is Case 741

Healthcare workers are at high risk of contracting Covid-19, since they’re exposed to patients and potential carriers while they work.

Though all of them practise good hygiene and ensure that they’re adequately protected with masks and other gear, they’re still susceptible to infection.

Unfortunately, a nurse working at Sengkang General Hospital tested positive for Covid-19. The hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) took to its Facebook page to share the news with the public.


Sengkang General Hospital nurse ended shift on 25 Mar morning

Sengkang General Hospital’s CEO informed the public that the nurse had tested positive for Covid-19 on 25 Mar.

She was on the night shift, which begun on 24 Mar and ended on 25 Mar.


The nurse began showing symptoms around midnight, and continued working until her shift ended on the morning of 25 Mar. She then sought medical attention at the hospital’s Emergency Department, and tested positive later that day.

Precautions were taken at hospital to reduce risk of infection

As with all other medical facilities, the hospital had taken necessary precautions with its staff to reduce the risk of them getting infected.


The nurse had been wearing a mask as she worked, and was reminded to observe good hand hygiene, safe distancing and wear adequate protective gear too.

The areas she worked in have since been disinfected, and contact tracing is being carried out too. Those whom she came into contact with have been informed that she tested positive.

Practise good hygiene and safe distancing at all costs

This just goes to show how susceptible anyone could be to contracting Covid-19, no matter how closely you follow precautions.

Now more than ever, we need to stick to the guidelines and precautions that are advised and keep our distance from each other.

MS News wishes this nurse and all other patients a speedy recovery. We, too, strongly advise you to keep especially vigilant now with hygiene, and to exercise caution always.

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