Sengkang Hospital Boss Also Works With Frontline Staff, Shows Us True Leadership

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Sengkang Hospital Chairman Supports Healthcare Workers By Going On The Ground

As the Covid-19 outbreak rages on, medical workers are toiling hard to render care for patients who require it.

When even the chairman of a hospital is planting herself at the frontlines, one can truly see the dedication of our Singapore healthcare heroes.

On Friday (29 May), a netizen named Alex Chua shared his encounter with the highly-esteemed Professor Ong Biauw Chi in this Facebook post below:


Personally draws patient’s blood at S’pore dormitory

At one of the dormitories in Singapore, Mr Chua apparently saw a lady donning the standard PPE patiently coaching the swabbing team.


Apart from advising doctors, nurses, and swabbers, she also helped by performing simple healthcare duties herself.

Mr Chua spots the healthcare personnel personally attending to a patient, drawing his blood for testing purposes.


Her “assuring and gentle” persona stood out to Mr Chua, who was quickly curious about her identity.

Turns out she is Sengkang Hospital’s chairman

Afterwards, Mr Chua approached a nurse, who revealed that the enigmatic lady is actually Professor Ong Biauw Chi, the chairman of the hospital’s medical board.

Helping with frontline duties, Prof Ong leads by example and showed exemplary leadership during this critical time.


In Mr Chua’s words,

Being a leader is not just a title. It is getting your hands dirty and doing what you preach.

Prof Ong’s display of solidarity touched the hearts of many Singaporeans, many of whom commended her in the comments.

A true leader

As the fight against Covid-19 rages on, it is heartening to see a team of dedicated individuals banding together to ensure that we are well taken care of.

It is even more comforting, knowing our frontline staff are in the hands of a leader who pushes for improvement by ‘walking the walk’ together with them.


We send our thanks healthcare workers giving their all to combat the virus and hope they will remain safe while performing their duties.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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