Sengkang Hospital Doctor Assures Workers In Dorms They Won’t Be Forsaken During Covid-19 Outbreak

Sengkang General Hospital Doctor Spoke To Dormitory Workers In Their Native Language

As the number of Covid-19 cases involving Work Permit holders living in dormitories continues to rise, some workers might understandably feel anxious.

In an attempt to quell these worries, a doctor from Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) recently visited one of these dormitories, reassuring workers in their native tongue that they’ll be well taken care of amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here’s the video:

While many of us may not understand what was said from the video alone, SKH has provided a translated version of the rousing message. We summarise it for you after the jump.

Sengkang General Hospital doctor tell workers they will look after them

In the short 1.5-minute clip, Dr Muntasir, wearing protective gear from head to toe, was seen delivering the message using a megaphone.


He first addressed the elephant in the room that is the worrying Covid-19 situation in workers’ dormitories.

Despite the grim situation, he urged workers in the facility not to be afraid as his team will be on-site to look after them.

He then moved on to actionable steps that the workers should be taking during these difficult times.

These include wearing masks at all times, maintaining good hygiene, and not visiting other rooms or floors.


He emphasised the importance of cleanliness, which is the “key to fight this disease”.

Singapore will not forsake these workers

As he came to the end of his announcement, Dr Muntasir urged workers not to “hide things”, and to inform the medical team should they feel under the weather.


The most touching part of his speech came as he acknowledged the “enormous” contributions they have made for our country — building the houses we live in and the roads we travel on.

In his words,

You are one of us and we will take care of you. Be strong, be confident, drive away your fears. We are here for you.

Indeed, these workers have made tremendous contributions to our country over the years. The least we could do now is to look after their medical well-being amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

You can read the full message in English here.

Hope Sengkang General Hospital doctor’s message gave workers hope

We hope Dr Muntasir’s message gave workers in the dormitories hope and reassured them that they have nothing to worry about.

While the number of cases in workers’ dormitories remains high, we have faith that the measures implemented will eventually help to control the outbreak.

Till then, let’s avoid heading out as much as possible. If there’s a need to leave home for essential services, remember to put on a mask and adhere to safe-distancing measures.

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