Sengkang Landlady Allegedly Allows Tenants Only 5-Min Showers & Keeps Deposits, Police Report Filed

Tenant Claims Sengkang Landlady Refused To Return Deposit When He Moved Out

Renting a place can understandably be a daunting experience, especially when tenants and landlords fail to accommodate one another, leading to disputes.

A tenant in Sengkang recently took to Facebook to share his distressing dispute with his landlady, who allegedly refused to return the former’s deposit despite when he moved out.

Apparently, 16 other tenants also had similar unpleasant encounters with the same landlady.

Landlady allegedly sets unreasonable rules including 5-minute shower

The tenant, Mr Qiu, told Lianhe Zaobao that he went online to rent a room and found one at Block 351D Anchorvale Road.

Upon moving in on 15 Feb, he found that the male landlord was a reserved person but the wife was, however, intrusive and sets many rules.

The rules included restricting showers to just 5 minutes, requiring tenants to turn off lights by 2am, and setting a curfew of 11pm.


At first, Mr Qiu and his younger brother tried to endure the situation. However, things apparently took a turn for the worse when they paid their monthly rent.

The landlady allegedly stared at the brothers as they washed and dried their clothing, claiming that they had to pay up if they broke her washing machine.

Sengkang landlady claimed she’s selling house & didn’t refund deposit

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Mr Qiu recalled the landlady requesting him to move out by the end of the month, claiming she was selling the house.


Eventually, on 13 Mar, Mr Qiu and his brother decided to move out.

However, when they requested their deposit, the landlady refused, claiming that she had to inspect the furniture and get the keys back from them.

Mr Qiu subsequently came across a Facebook post that described the tactics of a ‘nightmare’ landlady, including how she would confiscate tenants’ deposits.

To his surprise, Mr Qiu discovered that the Facebook poster was referring to the same landlady.

Police report filed, landlady denied allegations

Mr Qiu was later added to a WeChat group comprising 16 members who also had similar bad experiences with the same landlady.

Apparently, 1 of the 16 individuals previously filed a police report after he had difficulties getting his deposit back.

Another ex-tenant also claimed that the landlady and her husband had entered his room multiple times without permission.

However, the landlady denied many of these allegations when approached by Shin Min Daily News reporters.

Hope aggrieved ex-tenants and landlady can settle differences

Finding a place to rent is difficult enough, let alone finding a landlord or landlady who’s reasonable.

We hope the aggrieved ex-tenants and the landlady will be able to settle their disagreements once and for all in the near future.

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