HDB-Approved Dog With Possible Dementia Looking For A New Home, Help Her Enjoy Final Years

Senior HDB-Approved Dog Needs A New Home Or May Return To Shelter

Dogs often find familiar comfort in their owners as they age, hoping to contentedly spend their last years with their loving hooman companions.

For one dog, her golden years may, unfortunately, be spent in the shelter as her fosterer could no longer commit to caring for her.

On 24 Mar, Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) Singapore shared that they’re urgently looking for a home for Athena — a 13-year-old HDB-approved dog suspected of having dementia.


Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to adopt her and give her a comfortable and loving home.

Senior HDB-approved dog urgently looking for a home

In a Facebook post on Thursday (24 Mar), SOSD Singapore shared that Athena’s previous fosterer is moving to a smaller apartment in a few months’ time. Hence, she may not be able to continue taking care of Athena anymore.

senior hdb approved dogSource

Unfortunately for the canine, she hasn’t had any luck finding a furever home.

Hence, SOSD is seeking a loving owner to take her in or she might have to return to the shelter.

The animal welfare organisation added that the senior canine had spent “many years” in the shelter. Hence, they hope someone will step forward and help to make Athena’s last years fulfilling ones.

She isn’t comfortable with human touch

Unlike many dogs, Athena isn’t comfortable with human touch. She also has weak legs and can only go for short walks.

Before that, however, prospective fosterers are advised to give her a ‘pee break’ as she “can’t hold her (my) bladder very well”.

senior hdb approved dogSource

On the other hand, the showering process is rather straightforward — owners need only pour “shampoo water” on her and rinse her with water afterwards.

The senior canine naps most of the time, but when she’s more energised, she’ll pace around the house in circles — a potential sign of dementia.

Other than that, Athena is apparently a quiet dog who doesn’t bark or whine when alone.

Nonetheless, owners will most definitely find her cute expressions and longing eyes irresistible

Hope Athena will find a paw-fect loving home

Every dog like Athena deserves a dedicated and loving owner who’s more than willing to make her last years the most rewarding ones in her life.

Those who are keen on taking in Athena can start their dog adoption process by heading over to SOSD’s sign-up form here.

We hope Athena will find her furever home soon, with a devoted owner to accompany her as she lives out her golden years.

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Featured image adapted from Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) on Facebook.

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