Seoul Garden Resumes Self-Service Buffets From 19 May, Customers Should Book Seats Early

Seoul Garden Resumes Self-Service Buffets After 9-Month Hiatus Due To Pandemic

When Covid-19 happened, one of the business affected were F&B establishments with self-service buffets.

Among them was Seoul Garden, which stopped offering buffets due to the restrictions.

However, there’s good news for buffet lovers as Seoul Garden will now resume self-service buffets from 19 May.

Source: Seoul Garden Singapore on Facebook

Hot demand is expected, so customers are advised to book their seats early.

Seoul Garden self-service buffets resume from 19 May

Seoul Garden made the momentous announcement in a Facebook post on Thursday (12 May), delighting fans of their affordable, halal buffets.

Source: Seoul Garden on Facebook

From Thursday (19 May), customers will be able to help themselves to their wide array of offerings.

Source: Google Maps

This will ensure we can get as much or as little as we want.

Adult prices from S$19.90++

In a subsequent Facebook post on Friday (13 May), Seoul Garden released the full price list for their buffets.

Adult prices start from S$19.90++ for the Regular Tier during weekday lunch (11.30am to 3.59pm), and go up to S$46.90++ for the Supreme Tier during dinners and weekends.

Source: Seoul Garden Singapore on Facebook

There are also concessions for students and seniors during weekday lunch, and for children (aged 5 to 12) during all times.

Seoul Garden buffet stopped for 9 months

This marks a welcome return for Seoul Garden’s buffet, which had been stopped for 9 months.

While buffets were suspended in Singapore since the ‘Circuit Breaker’ in 2020, they made a comeback in 2021.

However, the food had to be served by staff donning masks and gloves — making it quite a different experience as compared with pre-Covid days.

The various restrictions may have caused Seoul Garden to remove buffets from their outlets in Aug, transitioning to an à la carte menu after 38 years of serving Korean-style BBQ buffets.

Source: Google Maps

Self-service buffets resumed from 30 Apr

Happily, the Government announced last month that self-service buffets could resume from 30 Apr, with some safety measures in place.

For example, hand sanitisers or disposable gloves must be provided in the vicinity of the self-service buffet.

Also, dishes not served in containers with covers must have plastic or glass barriers installed.

Customers should grab seats early

Seoul Garden used customers to grab their seats at their seven outlets across Singapore early.

Customers can do so at the Seoul Garden website.

With opening hours from 11.30am to 10.30pm, there’s no wrong time to head down if you miss the satisfaction of feasting at their well-loved buffets.

That familiar old sensation

While Singaporeans have continued to enjoy Seoul Garden’s Korean BBQ offerings even when they went à la carte, nothing beats heaping hills of meat on our plates.

That’s why we’ve glad that the chain has survived the pandemic, and is ready to go back to offering buffets.

Hopefully, we’ll be hit by that familiar old sensation when we go back.

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Featured images adapted from Seoul Garden and Seoul Garden Singapore on Facebook.

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