Sheng Siong Staff Treats Lady’s Wound After She Suffers Cut When Choosing Fish, Earns Praise

Sheng Siong Staff Treats Customer’s Wound Sustained From Choosing Fish

Sheng Siong has once again outdone themselves in the eyes of the public.

The supermarket chain is known for its outstanding customer service and employee benefits but not many know of the small yet heartfelt deeds they do.

Echoing this sentiment, a Sheng Siong staff recently treated a lady’s wound after she suffered a cut when choosing fish at their Fajar outlet.


The staff who witnessed the incident came looking for her with medication, cotton swabs, and a plaster.

Lady suffers cut while choosing fish

On 2 Jun, a post on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page shared about how a Sheng Siong staff went out of his way to treat a cut a customer had suffered when she was choosing fish in the supermarket.


On their morning shopping trip at the Sheng Siong outlet in Fajar, a couple was in the seafood section choosing fish to purchase.


In the process, the wife apparently suffered a small cut to her finger which she ignored since it was a minor injury.

The couple then proceeded to move over to the vegetable section.

Sheng Siong staff looks for customer & treats her wound

Unbeknownst to them, a keen-eyed Sheng Siong staff who was manning the fish counter had noticed the woman’s injury.

Perhaps concerned for her welfare, he promptly went looking for her in the supermarket.

He brought with him some medication, cotton swabs, and plasters to treat her wound.

While mending her wound, the husband asked if he could photograph the staff so that he could credit him properly.

He promptly replied with, “No please,” presumably in hopes of keeping his identity anonymous. But it appears that the husband managed to capture a shot of the gesture at the very least, which accompanied his Facebook post.

Netizens full of praise for kind-hearted employee

Netizens were full of praise for the humble employee and the supermarket chain, who has proven once again that they have the customer’s experience at the forefront of their service.

Others have shared similar testimonies of times where the staff at Sheng Siong showed exemplary customer service.


Another comment suggested that acts like these are worthy of every penny of the infamous ’16-month bonus’.


Excellent character & service from Sheng Siong staff

When news broke of Sheng Siong rewarding their staff with a hefty bonus for their work during the pandemic, reactions were mixed.

While some applauded the gesture, others may have envied the employees for their substantial payouts.

However, stories like this show the thoughtfulness of the company and its employees.

Kudos to Sheng Siong for fostering such a caring community, and especially to the particular employee for going out of his way to help a customer.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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