Shiba Inu Can’t Help But Smile When He Sees Food, We Can Relate

You feel your stomach rumble as you wait in anticipation.

From the corner of your eye, you catch sight of the waiter with your food, you can literally feel your heart palpitate in excitement.

As the dish is served, unbridled joy, you can’t contain it anymore as you feel a smile creep up your face. We all know that feeling.

Well, this doggo certainly encapsulates that feeling paw-fectly.


This Shiba Inu from Japan simply can’t contain himself when he sees food, he just has to smile.

And netizens can’t get enough of him.

Uni the Shiba Inu puppy from Japan

Uni is a 9-month-old Shiba Inu that resides in Tokyo, Japan. The adorable doggo always seems to be smiling about something.


After all with a loving owner, good food, and toys to play with what more can a dog ask for?

Uni is a true foodie

What makes Uni special is the one thing that makes him smile wider than anything else — food. Based on his owners’ posts on Instagram, we can observe that whenever Uni catches sight of food, his eyes will light up as he breaks into a big smile.


Just look at that face of glee as his dessert is served.


Someone is definitely a big fan of desserts. And who can blame him?


Fellow foodies, he knows you can relate. Just look at the wink he’s throwing your way. To say that this doggo is in love with food will not be fur-fetched at all.

Netizens adore the smiling Shiba Inu

Netizens simply can’t get enough of this food-loving Shiba Inu. This commenter joked that Uni is more photogenic than he is.


For other netizens, they just love his reaction to food. Many added that they could relate to that feeling.


This netizen even went as far to say she has found her spirit animal in Uni.


It’s easy to see why Uni’s fan base is rapidly growing. He definitely has a contagious smile.

Uni is fast becoming an Instagram star

Looking at pictures of adorable animals never fails to bring joy to our lives. Uni the Shiba Inu puppy has certainly captured netizens’ hearts.

He has quickly gained a strong following of over 98,500 followers on Instagram. If you’re like us and you can’t get enough of Uni, check him out here.

Are there other happy doggos or animals that bring joy to your feed? We’d love to hear other profiles you’ve come across on the Internet below.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram & Instagram.