Sim Lim Square Installs CCTV Cameras, Audio-recording Devices To Curb Errant Retailers

The measures keep increasing, patronage keeps falling

The fallout from Jover Chew and Mobile Air’s antics continues, as Sim Lim Square (SLS) continues to rein in errant retailers.

They have the means and the technology now!



Previously, there was a shame list of retailers who’d received the most complaints displayed inside SLS, but those were taken down, probably because the retailers on the list could care less.

#1 was Mobile Air, and that didn’t prevent that poor Vietnamese guy from being scammed.



New by-laws in place

Now, the following will be installed outside shops which have received more than 3 complaints:

1. CCTV cameras

2. Audio recording devices

3. Stickers

4. Pictures of Jover Chew

Complaints have gone down since last year, although that may be partly because of a lack of business in SLS; compared to last year, traffic has also gone down by 50 to 60 per cent.

New measures aimed at highlighting errant vendors

Taking a leaf from using CCTV cameras inside elevators to deter urinating, management at SLS seems to think that placing a CCTV camera outside a shop with a lot of complaints will deter vendors from pulling any funky business ala Mobile Air.

Apparently, CCTVs aren’t enough because audio recording devices will also be installed.

The problem with both of these is that they can be evaded.

Watch this rat teach you how to evade a cat’s sensors CCTV cameras.



Therefore, customers have to be on the lookout for the new stickers before stepping foot into a shop.

Genuine shops probably won’t be affected

Honest retailers should not face any significant problems with the new measures, although SLS has already taken a hit in popularity, and the new measures are unlikely to turn bad retailers good overnight.

Ultimately, it’s up to customers to be discerning and avoid dealing with bad vendors, but management is doing their part as well.

So for errant vendors: Remember, Big Brother is watching you.

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