S’pore Pet Gathering Has Animal Marathon & Photobooths, Celebrate National Day With Your Furkids

S'pore Pet Gathering Has Animal Marathon & Photobooths, Celebrate National Day With Your Furkids

SingaPAW Weekend Happening At South Beach Avenue On 5 & 6 Aug

National Day is just around the corner, and if you’ve been thinking of ways to celebrate Singapore’s 58th birthday with your beloved pets, then head down to South Beach Avenue with them this weekend.

On 5 and 6 Aug, SingaPAW Weekend returns to the trendy lifestyle district with more exciting activities for both pawrents and their furkids.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

Aside from meeting all kinds of furry and feathery new friends, there will also be a pet market, an animal marathon, an adoption drive, photobooths for cute snaps, and the chance to make it into the Singapore Book of Records.

SingaPAW Weekend has pet marathons, photobooths & more

Last year’s event saw 313 pets and their hoomans walking into the Singapore Book of Records for the largest pet and owner formation.


Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

If you’d like to be part of such a wholesome event, you can join a similar attempt to create Singapore’s largest photo collage of pawrents and their furkids at this year’s SingaPAW Weekend.

Simply pose for pictures at the fun-themed photobooth at the drop-off point near JW Marriott Hotel on Level 1 and have them printed out and pasted on a huge SG58 sculpture. The activity will surely be a good chance to share a special memory with your pets.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

You’ll also get to score some cool action shots of your pooch after signing them up for the Temptation Trail and Pawmazing Marathon, happening at 4pm on Saturday (5 Aug) and Sunday (6 Aug), respectively.

The former puts your dog to the test by seeing if they can resist all the tasty treats and other distractions scattered along a track from start to finish. May the Goodest Boi or Girl win.


Source: Hope For Animals on Facebook

For the Pawmazing Marathon, you’ll need to put your thinking cap on to figure out clues and complete a series of tasks together with your teammates — both furry and not — to reach the finish line.


Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

Last but not least, if you’ve been thinking of getting another furkid, there will be an adoption drive on both days till 3pm.


Source: Hope For Animals on Facebook

Several animal welfare groups will showcase their rescued and rehabilitated dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and rabbits, so this could be your sign to give one — or more — of them a loving forever home.

Get to know more about birds & ants

Furry mammals aren’t the only ones in the spotlight at SingaPAW Weekend.

Get ready to feel like you’re in some kind of mini Bird Paradise as parrot enthusiast groups Birdies and Family and Parrot Society Singapore flock together to showcase over 30 fabulous feathered species.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

You might even see them take to the skies in a captivating aerial display if you’re lucky.

More importantly, however, the group aims to educate the public on responsible bird ownership so that anyone considering adding a feathered member to the household knows what they’re getting into.

Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

Even insects aren’t left out — did you know there’s a budding ant community in Singapore? Well, they’ll be proudly putting their ant colony collections on display at the event.


Image courtesy of Hope For Animals

The highlight of this tiny presentation is the Ant Nest, which was inspired by the National Day Parade and will feature the Singapore Ant Community’s large array of different ant colonies.

For those looking to get into the hobby, they will also share how you can become a proud owner of your own ant colony too.

So while the event may have the word “paw” in it, those with wings or six little legs are very much welcome to join in the National Day festivities as well.

Eat, shop & get a special KOI Card

If you and your pack are feeling a little tired and hungry from all the excitement, head to one of the many pet-friendly alfresco restaurants on South Beach Avenue to rest and refuel.


Source: Hope For Animals on Facebook

Then, once your tummies are all filled up, it’s time to enjoy some re-TAIL therapy at the SingaPAW Weekend Pet Market.

With over 40 booths selling various products from food to toys and grooming supplies, it’ll be easier to find what you need for your precious furbaby.

There’s plenty for the hoomans too, such as animal-themed bags and accessories. You can even get a customised portrait of your pet or have their image painted on ornaments and phone cases.

Source: Hope For Animals on Facebook

Moreover, this is a great way to support small local businesses and meet other pet owners to exchange useful tips and advice. Even your pup might make some new friends too.

Shoppers who spend at least S$100 at the pet market will get a free Limited Edition Hope For Animals x KOI Card with S$10 credited inside as a special souvenir to whip out during your next bubble tea run.


Image courtesy of Pawfuration

Only 500 of these cute cards will be available, so you might want to snag one ASAP.

SingaPAW Weekend aims to bring pets & owners together

Many pets spend most of their time indoors or just go to the same park for walks, so an event like this lets them explore a whole new environment and rub shoulders — or should we say, heads or snouts — with other critters.

So here’s a reminder to free up your Saturday or Sunday and head down to SingaPAW Weekend at the deets below:

SingaPAW Weekend

Address: South Beach Avenue, 26 Beach Road, Singapore 189768
Dates: 5 & 6 Aug 2023
Time: 11am – 8pm
Nearest MRT station: Esplanade

Admission is free for all, but do note that registration is required for the Pawmazing Marathon and Temptation Trail. For more information, visit Hope For Animals on Facebook and Instagram.

Get paw-triotic with your furkids

Since pets are often considered part of one’s family, it’s only natural for owners to want to celebrate such a huge and special occasion with them.

Plus, we think all pawrents would agree that Singapore would not feel like Home, Truly, without sharing in the National Day spirit with their dear furbabies.

While the animals may not fully understand what’s going on, they’ll surely be able to feel the love and excitement in the air. And that’s more than enough for them — along with the treats waiting for them when they get back.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Pawfuration.

Featured image courtesy of Pawfuration.

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