S’pore Cinemas Closing Until 30 Apr, Customers Can Get Refund For Pre-Booked Tickets

Singapore Cinemas Closing From 27 Mar Onwards, Customers Can Get Refund For Tickets

On Tuesday (24 Mar), the Singapore government announced the closure of night clubs, cinemas and tuition centres in light of recent Covid-19 developments.


Following the orders of Singapore’s Covid-19 Multi-Ministry Task Force, cinemas are temporarily suspending operations.

The arrangement is set to be take place from 27 Mar-30 Apr.

Cinemas closing to help Covid-19 situation in Singapore

Prior to this, cinemas such as Shaw Theatres were already implementing social distancing between movie-goers in theatre halls.


Despite so, the gathering of audiences in a single room might still be dangerous.

As such, Singapore is momentarily suspending operations of cinemas, to help reduce interaction between citizens.


Customers can get refunds

Cinemas like Golden Village, Shaw Theatres, Cathay Cineplexes, and WE Cinemas already released individual statements to inform customers of the new changes.


They will be facilitating the refund processes for customers who already pre-booked their tickets.

Golden Village stated that online purchases will be refunded within 4 weeks, while those who bought tickets on-site are to hold on to the physical tickets until the cinema reopens.


Shaw Theatres and Cathay Cineplexes are also implementing similar policies.

WE Cinemas, on the other hand, requires customers who bought tickets online to email the company to request for a refund.


The cinemas are also extending the validity of vouchers and pre-paid cards due to the 35-day closure.

Temporary curtain call

Cathay Cineplexes assures that the suspension of services is only a “temporary curtain call” and that they will “definitely be back”.


The local cinemas thank Singaporeans for their understanding and look forward to seeing them in front of the big screens again.


If you are a frequent movie-goer, stay tuned to updates on their social media sites and official websites.

Though inconvenient at the moment, Singaporeans should stay responsible and avoid gathering in large groups.

Indeed, Covid-19 is a temporary curtain call. As long as we are diligent in practising social distancing and maintaining personal hygiene, Singaporean can definitely resume their normal life in no time.

Featured image adapted from Business Times.

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