S’pore Covid-19 Detection Is World’s Most Effective & Shows Situation Under Control, Claims Harvard Study

Singapore’s Top-Notch Covid-19 Detection System Named World’s Best In Harvard Study

On Feb 13, a Singaporean shared her journey as a quarantined patient on Instagram. It showcased the orderly and efficient Covid-19 detection and quarantine system Singapore has in place to counter the spreading virus.


While our nation does record the highest number of infected patients apart from China and Japan, this is also a testament to our excellent detection measures.


As described by a Harvard study, we have a “gold standard” detection capacity second to none.

Countries might discover more cases with Singapore’s capabilities

According to Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, other countries only possess roughly 38% of Singapore’s ability to detect cases.


They also state that 2.8 times more Covid-19 patients will be uncovered following Singapore’s methods, as stated by TODAYonline.

This is due to our ability to manage contact tracing and enforce surveillance, increasing the efficiency in quarantine and detection.

Singapore Armed Forces helping to contact those with Hubei travel history

Do note, however, that like many studies on Covid-19, this one is pending peer review.

Singapore has the situation under control

While our country’s model is not fool-proof, we can rest assured that Singapore is doing better than many countries in containing the virus.

Many patients are also swiftly recovering from the virus, giving us hope that the light at the end of the tunnel is near.

Recovered Singaporean was the 15th case of Covid-19

With efficient detection and a systematic quarantine protocol, our model is one that many countries can look up too.

We hope that as healthcare systems around the world battle the virus, countries will be equipped with more effective detection methods to contain Covid-19.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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