Usual GST Rules Still Apply To Masks & Hand Sanitisers At Customs

A sign about masks and hand sanitisers put up by Singapore Customs at the Singapore Cruise Centre has led to some confusion.


Declaration of face masks and sanitisers are required, the sign says. This led many to believe that the authorities placed restrictions on these items.

However, that is not the case, clarifies a representative from Singapore Customs on their Facebook page.

No restrictions on masks & sanitisers

The representative said the sign was put up due to the “surge in the number of ferry passengers hand-carrying sizeable quantities of surgical masks and hand sanitisers into Singapore”.

No restrictions were placed on the masks, but goods and services tax (GST) rules still apply.

Customs authorities noticed there were travellers who brought these items in quantities that exceeded their GST import relief thresholds or were for commercial purposes.


Thus, they wanted to remind travellers to make their GST payments before they went for customs clearance.

The sign was put up at the cruise centre “to address a specific situation”, though they did not elaborate further on that. Other checkpoints did not have such signs.

Remember to declare goods if necessary at Singapore Customs

In general, all goods brought into Singapore have to be declared if the total value of the goods brought in for personal use exceeds the GST import relief, or if the goods are for commercial purposes.

Travellers will be required to pay the GST, explained Singapore Customs.

You can find out more about GST relief here.

Let’s be more mindful of the goods we’re bringing in to make going through the customs more convenient.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Carousell.