Driver In S’pore-Registered Mercedes Caught Littering In M’sia Carpark, Action Irks Netizens

Footage Shows Driver Of Singapore-Registered Mercedes Littering In Malaysia Carpark

To keep our surroundings clean, the authorities often remind us to discard our trash responsibly. This rule should apply wherever we go, out of respect to the places we visit and just as a general hygiene measure.

Unfortunately, the driver of a Singapore-registered Mercedes Benz seemed to have trouble putting this into practice as he was spotted littering in an open-air carpark in Malaysia.


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TikTok user posted a 51-second clip showing the driver’s actions, which invited many unhappy comments from netizens.

Driver of Singapore-registered Mercedes seen littering in Malaysia carpark

On Wednesday (1 Jun), TikTok user posted a video of a driver in a Singapore-registered Mercedes-Benz apparently littering in an open-air carpark in Malaysia.

At the start of the clip, the driver can be seen placing his hand out of the window to throw litter on the ground.

Source: on TikTok

As the camera zooms in, a small pile of rubbish lying right beside the car becomes more visible.

mercedes littering malaysia carpark

Source: on TikTok

Halfway through the clip, the driver stuck his hand out the window again to throw more litter on the ground.

Source: on TikTok

A caption by said in Chinese, “How can such people litter in Malaysia when they don’t do it in Singapore?”

In the clip, the woman recording the video also lamented, “The driver knows they can’t litter in Singapore, so they come to Malaysia to litter.”

Apparently, the driver continued to litter even after her friend had told him off, as heard in the clip.

Netizens enraged by driver’s irresponsible act

Right after the clip was posted, netizens took to the comments section to express their displeasure.

Assuming that the driver was a Singaporean, some described his actions as “a disgrace”.

Source: on TikTok

One netizen even suggested that the women witnessing the act should have confronted the driver and insist that he clear his own rubbish.

Source: on TikTok

Meanwhile, others pointed out that we shouldn’t be too quick to assume that the driver was Singaporean and accuse him of bringing shame to the country.

Source: on TikTok

However, the driver’s country of origin aside, it’s clear that many felt his actions were unacceptable.

Let’s keep our environment clean

It costs nothing to hold on to your trash until you find a proper place to dispose it. Such small acts will eventually go a long way in protecting our environment and keeping it clean.

After all, nobody likes to see piles of trash lying around.

We hope that the driver will learn from this incident and avoid littering mindlessly again.

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