Netizen Seeks Clarity As S’pore Reopens Economy, Crowds Remain A Cause For Concern

Public Crowds Makes Netizen Seek Clarity As Singapore Reopens Economy

Since the ‘Circuit Breaker’ ended last week, Singapore has seen more crowds of people, especially on public transport.


Crowding still isn’t encouraged in any way, so this has raised concerns previously for many netizens.

One took to Facebook, seeking clarity on the government’s plans for reopening the economy, as he felt that public transport crowds were an area of great concern.


He expressed that though he and many other Singaporeans understood that the situation now is subject to sudden changes, policies should still be “consistent and fair”.

Felt that measures held glaring inconsistencies

The netizen laid out how he personally felt that many of the measures in Phase 1 held inconsistencies.

While safe distancing stickers were removed from public transport and crowds formed, we’re still not allowed to meet with friends.

Beauty services can’t reopen because they’re not “essential”, but dyeing and perming hair for hours at a time is permissible, he wrote.


According to what he shared, it seems like many other Singaporeans agreed with him regarding inconsistencies in involving activities allowed in Phase 1 with regard to social distancing and reducing crowds.

Schools allow congregations, but not household visits

He went on to outline his thoughts on household visitation arrangements.

Though we’re now allowed to visit our parents and grandparents, many of us still miss other extended family members or friends whom we consider family, he shared.


On the other hand, schoolchildren are allowed to meet up in school, and mingle with many others from different households.

Slipping into Singapore’s worst recession ever

On top of the stress from keeping ourselves safe and being away from family, Singapore’s set to go into its worst recession since independence.

From not being eligible for charitable top-ups to ailing businesses, the netizen shared that it’s understandable that some are losing hope given the circumstances, even though we stood strong in the first quarter of the year.

A plea for hope and decisive action

Sharing that he understood the difficulties faced by authorities during this period, the netizen also asked for the policies to be “consistent”, referring to minimising gatherings and crowds.

It sounds like a tall ask, but he wrote that his “confidence” is being chipped away at as daily struggles compound.

Now, he simply wants “decisive action” to be taken, and for his faith to be restored.

Only time will tell what the future holds

Our situation now isn’t ideal. Many of us may even have doubts about whether Singapore will pull through, or whether we’ll ever enter Phase 2 and 3.

Even then, we can’t discount the work that’s been put in by the authorities, and the community, to keep Singapore together.

All we can do is keep adhering to safe distancing, and wait for more measures to be relaxed. Nothing’s perfect, but we have to keep our chins up and power through together.

Do you think more can be done to limit crowds in public areas? Or is a gradual easing of regulations necessary to jumpstart our economy & live with Covid-19 in the long-run?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this netizen’s opinions in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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