Singapore Wildflowers Bloom In Heartlands, Beautiful Side Effect Of Less Frequent Grasscutting

Citizens Capture Beautiful Singapore Wildflowers Blooming During Circuit Breaker

Bizarre animal crossings have been a hilarious result of cities closing around the world amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Back in Singapore, it seems like it’s Mother Nature’s turn to lay claim to the earth. Keen-eyed citizens have documented the truly beautiful process in which wildflowers are creeping into our streets & heartlands.


Here are some flower breeds that netizens have identified growing in our heartlands, possibly due to less frequent grass-cutting with extended Circuit Breaker measures.


We think it serves as a timely reminder that beautiful things can emerge if only we search hard enough for them.

Mimosa aka ‘Touch-me-nots’ line our bus stop shelters

Most of us will recall skipping along our school fields and void deck grass patches in search of these adorable lavender flower puffs.

Netizen Ms Ria Tan captured their growth earlier this month.


She observed that native plants & weeds growing has become our new normal as wildlife returns to our streets.

Ms Tan also described seeing swathes of “puffy pink Mimosa” in full bloom, “swarming with little honey bees.


Mimosas also have ‘shy’ leaves that close upon touching them — a fun little game to play the next time you spot them in a field.

Mini Tridax Daisy florets brighten up roadsides & longkangs

Another local breed of wildflowers include the iconic 5 tipped mini-daisy, known as the ‘Tridax Daisy’ as shared in Mr Jacob Tan’s educational album.


Resembling a real daisy florette, this tiny flower’s petals are sparsely spaced around a yellow centre.


The wildflowers are often spotted along longkangs and are a common sight along park connectors & fields across the island.

We think Mr Tan’s photos really do justice in capturing their delicate brand of beauty.

‘Furry’ purple Billy Goat Weed plants flourish on a hill

Mr Tan’s post also detailed spotting an expansive hill of ‘Billy Goat Weed’, aptly named after its namesake that loves to munch on them.


Spindly pistils give the flower a ‘furry’ appearance, and the plant’s stalks grow quickly & in an upright direction if they aren’t trimmed frequently.


Clearly, from Mr Tan’s pictures, honey bees in Singapore appear to love them as much as billy goats do.

Nature returns with renewed vigour

We’re glad that we can stop to smell the roses – or wildflowers in this case – amidst our busy schedules, using our short exercise breaks to truly appreciate what life has to offer even if we’re staying in most of the time.

Have you observed any beautiful wildflowers in your neighbourhood? Feel free to share your pictures in the comments below.

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