S’pore Version Of Wordle Uses MRT Stations As Answers, Hints Given By Distance

Redditor Creates Singapore Version Of Wordle Based On MRT Station Names

Avid social media users have probably come across their friends’ posts showing their attempts on Wordle — a word-guessing game that has recently gone viral.

For players seeking a fresh and local take on the game, Redditor u/Lifth has created a Singapore geography-based version called Geodle.


In the game, players have to guess the MRT station of the day. After every turn, the game tells you the physical distance between your guess and the correct answer.

Users have 6 chances to guess on Singapore version of Wordle

In order to win, players have to guess the correct MRT or LRT station within 6 attempts.

After each guess, the game tells you how far the train station is from the correct answer.

singapore wordleSource

Additionally, it also uses arrows to indicate the direction where the correct station is located.

singapore wordleSource

Once you get it correct, a party hat emoji will appear next to your guess. The challenge refreshes every midnight.

You can also share your results without spoiling the answer for others.

Image by MS News

Another creator has also created a version that does not include LRT stations. This allows people unfamiliar with certain areas of Singapore to crack the puzzle.

Singaporeans already enjoying the game

Many Redditors expressed their delight and excitement upon learning of the game.

One user said they liked how arrows and distance were incorporated for the new version of Wordle.

singapore wordleSource

Another Redditor joked they were only familiar with the 2 older lines in Singapore.

singapore wordle


Some apparently enjoyed the game so much they are already asking for a version they can play multiple times a day.


Overall, Singaporeans were welcoming of this localised version of Wordle.

Familiarise yourself with MRT & LRT stations

This is not the first time Redditors have localised a game.

For those who do not travel outside our neighbourhoods often, the game is an excellent way to familiarise ourselves with train stations across Singapore.

Know someone who might be keen on trying the game? Tag them in the comments below.

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Featured image by MS News & adapted from Geodle.

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