Hungry S’porean Cleaner Steals Carrot From Gambas Childcare Centre, Truly Heist Of The Decade

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Singaporean Thief Breaks Into Childcare Centre To Steal Carrot & 2 Keys, Is True Criminal Mastermind

So, this probably isn’t what you expect when you hear the term ‘Singaporean Thief‘, but Affendi Yusoff was sentenced today (10 Jan) for stealing a carrot and two keys.


Yeah, we know. Here’s how Singapore’s ‘heist of the decade’ unfolded.

Raided childcare centre’s pantry ’cause he was hungry

Affendi, 45, was sentenced today (10 Jan) to 5 years’ corrective training and 6 strokes of the cane, after being charged with 2 counts of house-breaking by night to commit theft.

He has prior offences, and has been offending since he was 16, according to Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

Whilst working as a cleaner at a building in 7 Gambas Crescent last June, he decided to spend the night. After waking up feeling a bit peckish, he began prowling for something to snack on.

Happening upon some open windows leading to the toilet of the Urban Kids Childcare Centre, he climbed in to raid their pantry. There he found a carrot, ate it, then ransacked some office drawers to make away with 2 keys.

Urban Kids Childcare Centre

The total damage? 35 cents for the carrot, and $7 for both keys.

He wasn’t even good at hiding it

Since he’d neglected to try and cover up his night-time misadventures, the principal of the childcare centre filed a police report in the morning.

Affendi attempted to feign ignorance when asked by the centre’s employees, but the police took note of his suspicious behaviour. He later admitted to the theft.

Sentenced to corrective training

Affendi has been sentenced to corrective training, which is a long period of incarceration without remission. It is mainly meant for repeat offenders.

Singaporean thief gets canedSource

Since he’s been convicted of similar offences in the past, he was also sentenced to be caned.

The prosecution pointed out that Affendi has been a habitual offender since 1990, and consistently shows little regard for others’ property, according to CNA.

We seem to have the habit of producing some unusual suspects.

singaporean thiefSource

Really makes you wonder what’s going to come next.

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