S’porean Builds Tiny Abode With Glasshouse Dining Room In New Zealand, Available For Airbnb Bookings

S'porean Builds Tiny House With Glasshouse Dining Room In New Zealand, Available For Airbnb Bookings

Singaporean Interior Designer Has Gorgeous Tiny House Available For Stay In New Zealand

Yet another Singaporean has been proudly featured on the popular YouTube channel Living Big In A Tiny House.

This time, interior designer Priscilla Tan impressed host Bryce Langston with her small but stunning abode in Wellington, New Zealand.

One of the place’s highlights is an outdoor glasshouse dining room surrounded by lush greenery, making it look like something straight out of a fairy tale.

If you’re travelling to the area anytime soon, you might be interested to know that the house is available for booking on Airbnb.

Singaporean builds tiny house surrounded by lush greenery

In the video, Ms Tan shared that she and her husband built the property to host friends and family.

The couple also lived in the tiny space for about six to seven months while waiting for the construction of their main home to be completed.

While Ms Tan, an interior designer, pointed out that Singaporeans are used to small apartments, this is the tiniest home she’s ever worked on.

The building itself measures only 24 sqm, but it sits on a sprawling 5580 sqm of lush green land where two dogs and even two alpacas roam free.

singaporean tiny house

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

Ms Tan shared that she’s always wanted to own alpacas as this is pretty difficult — if not downright impossible — in Singapore.

Tiny house living room has artwork from all over the world

Moving on to the inside of the tiny house, Mr Langston couldn’t help but exclaim how “charming” and “gorgeous” it was.

The first thing you see when you enter is the living room.

Ms Tan shared that the area was initially designed to be the bedroom. However, her feng shui master advised against it, saying it’s better for the main door to lead into a common area instead of one’s private sleeping quarters.

That said, the living room can still double up as an extra sleeping space as the sofa hides a pull-out bed — perfect for when more guests are staying over.

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

Adorning the walls are artwork that Ms Tan has collected from all over the world.

Her personal favourite is a special wall light by a Swiss artist that she got from an art gallery in Singapore.

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

Small but lovely bathroom, kitchen & bedroom

Next to the living room is the bathroom, which Ms Tan said was the smallest one she’s ever done.

Well, the limited dimensions weren’t going to stop her from going all out with the design, which boasts eye-catching jungle-themed tiles that — in Ms Tan’s words — “bring the outdoors in”.

In the middle of the house is a “very compact but very full-featured” kitchen equipped with a sink, stove, hood, fridge, and microwave oven.

To make full use of the space, Ms Tan installed flip-up tables on the wall so that there’s additional room to prepare food or eat.

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

Over in the bedroom is a queen bed, an open wardrobe, and a built-in desk.

The desk, Ms Tan explained, was created from a mix of different pieces of furniture.

She said she wanted a space where she could do her work while taking in a view of the greenery outside.

Greenhouse dining room looks beautiful during the day & at night

But perhaps the most enchanting thing about the property is the greenhouse dining room, which sits on another end of the deck away from the main house.

Ms Tan shared that she built it because she wanted somewhere to put a large round dining table that she had.

The structure is perfect for hosting guests, whether it’s under natural sunlight in the day or romantic string lights at night.

singaporean tiny house

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

When asked what other plans she has in store for the tiny house, Ms Tan said that she’s been thinking of adding a hot tub or more shelters to improve the outdoor experience.

Tiny house available for bookings on Airbnb

If this house tour has left you starry-eyed and you happen to be planning a trip to New Zealand, you can consider booking a stay in Ms Tan’s cosy abode on Airbnb.

Priced at S$117 a night, it’s located just 35 to 45 minutes from Wellington International Airport and the city by car.

Animal lovers can even request to feed the alpacas, and pets are allowed for a small fee.

Would you want to live in this tiny but terrific dwelling? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Living Big In A Tiny House.

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