SingPost Gets Cursed At By Angry Facebook User, Group Comms Chief Steps Up & Puts Him In His Place

SingPost Comms Chief Sends Long Sassy Reply After Angry Facebook User Curses Them With Covid-19

You would think that people would know well enough not to act badly online these days. I mean, everyone knows that anything on the Internet is there forever, right?

Apparently not, which is why we’re here. To commemorate the sheer ugliness of one commenter, and to revel in the wittiness of the sharp response he attracted.

Unhappy SingPost customer wishes ill upon company workers

The antagonist of our story today, one Keiv Kuan, posted the following comment on SingPost’s Facebook page.

SingpostScreenshot courtesy of MS News reader

In his angry comment, seemingly brought on by non-delivery of his package, he wrote:

I wish that you and your staffs in Singpost are all infected by Coronavirus or died on the road .. as that would make me believe that the delivery (which has been re-arranged and promised 3x times ) is actually unsuccessful !! #gotohell

We here at MS News don’t really get it either. There’s just something about the vitriol and toadish hatefulness that’s preventing us from understanding him.

SingPost officer gives long explanation, with a hint of sass

Sorry bud, you’re going to the shadow realm, as it didn’t take long for Keiv to get the attention he so obviously wanted.

SingPostScreenshot courtesy of MS News reader

Robin Goh, the Group Chief Brand & Communications Officer of SingPost, responded on the organisation’s behalf to Keiv’s little tantrum.

For those of you who can’t read the screenshot, allow me to gleefully recount some of the highlights of Robin’s reply:

For the first time, I was truly hoping that my delivery staff made such a grave (yes, pun fully intended) mistake, to perhaps justify such a condemnation; that during this difficult time of an international health crisis, we at SingPost all deserved to be infected and die. Alas, I failed.

Lovely. Absolutely lovely. Here’s another:

[All] SingPost staff are human. We have families. We have loved ones. And we do not deserve such condemnation.

Well said.

During this difficult time of the health crisis, SingPost continues…to serve the community, in good health, and in good spirits. The latter which you unfortunately lack.

Hang on, I think I have some aloe vera somewhere around here.

Oh, and it’s ‘staff’. Not ‘staffs’.

Oh it’s so, SO beautiful.

Anyway, based on Robin’s response, it would appear that fault really should lie squarely with Keiv. The failed delivery attempts were evidently due to Keiv’s failure to inform his condominium security guards.

Plus, SingPost did deliver the package eventually after it was re-directed elsewhere. It’s looking like Keiv just wanted to have a go at someone, and he thought that SingPost would be an easy target.

Latest updates

So what happened after this exchange you might wonder?

Well, Keiv seems to have deleted his comment, along with both his Facebook and Instagram accounts. No better time to turn tail and run than after one has been soundly defeated, I suppose.

Netizens have come out in support Robin’s level-headed response as well.


What should we learn from this?

I think that a number of prescient lessons stand to be learnt here.

First, the Internet is permanent, and everything you do on it will be there forever.

Second, be good to each other. Things are difficult enough as is. Everyone, regardless of rank or station, deserves respect. To acknowledge and act according to the core dignity of every human being is at the very heart of being a decent person.

Third, nothing excuses bad behaviour. It costs nothing to keep your hatred to yourself.

And fourth, it’s ‘staff’, not ‘staffs’.

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