Smol Doggo In S’pore Seeks New Home After Owners Have To Give Her Up

8-Year-Old Smol Doggo Seeks New Furever Home

Every dog deserves a home that will give it the love and care it deserves throughout their lifetime.

But sometimes, extenuating circumstances will lead to owners having to give up their dogs.

On Saturday (13 Mar), a fosterer shared the plight of Teena, a smol 8-year-old doggo whose owners were forced to give her up after 7 long years in their care.


The fosterer is now seeking a new fur-ever home for the Singapore Special, who is HDB approved.

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Owners forced to give Teena up

For the past 7 years, Teena was lovingly cared for by 2 teenage girls.

They raised her since she was just a little puppy, training her and walking her twice a day.

However, recently, one of their parents have insisted that they give up Teena.

Even after much persuasion from the fosterer, the parent was still insistent on no longer keeping Teena.

So, reluctantly, the fosterer took Teena in her care to ensure her safety.

Smol doggo seeking new home is HDB approved

Now, the fosterer hopes to help them find Teena a new fur-ever home.

Weighing in at just 6.5kg, Teena is HDB approved and is fully vaccinated and sterilised with a clean bill of health.

Smol Doggo New HomeSource

The 8-year-old is a Singapore Special, a street dog, with a sweet disposition.

Under these circumstances, the teenagers were understandably upset at having to give up their precious little doggo.

And ideally, the fosterer hopes that Teena’s new found family will allow her previous owners to visit her occasionally as well.

Hope Teena finds a new loving family

It’s incredibly hard to have to part ways with a dog that has been part of your family for so long.

Hopefully, for both Teena and the teenage girls’ sake, she finds a loving family that showers her with unconditional care for the rest of her days.

If you’re interested in giving Teena a new home, do reach out to the fosterer via Facebook here.

Do note that she has received many requests, so might take a while to respond.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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