SMRT Staff Carry Placards Reminding Commuters To Refrain From Talking

When you’re out with friends or family, the urge to chatter is hard to resist, especially on long commutes via public transport.

But you may have to fight the temptation now, especially when you see an SMRT staff holding a giant placard on board.


Across it in large, bold fonts are the words, “Please Refrain From Talking”, which unironically serves the employee carrying it, as well as whichever commuter they approach.

SMRT staff carry ‘no talking’ placards aboard the train

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (30 Mar), SMRT shared the new initiative as part of their continued efforts “to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission”.


Starting today (31 Mar), commuters may spot station staff carrying placards reminding commuters to refrain from talking.

They in no means are there to provoke anybody, just to gently remind us of the safety advice in case we forget.

Netizens appreciate additional measures

While the gesture may seem small, netizens appear to be appreciative of SMRT’s efforts.

Reminders to refrain from talking aren’t new, but this lady takes her hat off to SMRT for engaging their staff to physically help, which proves that they’re “taking Covid-19 safety seriously.”


Another Facebook user even suggested doing the same on buses, as she had allegedly witnessed some undesirable behaviour there.


Whether the initiative will expand to other modes of transport and platforms is unclear, but we’re glad many can see its purpose.

Adhere to the rules for your safety

Since this initiative is only within SMRT’s network for now, we likely won’t be seeing them on other networks like the North-East or Circle Lines.

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t need a station staff with a giant placard to remind us to observe Covid-19 safety rules.

Let’s be wary of this ourselves, and refrain from talking on board buses and trains, to reduce transmission risks.

After all, you wouldn’t want someone with a placard to approach you out of the blue, would you?

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Featured image adapted from SMRT on Facebook and MS News.