Pathlight Student Is A Bus Enthusiast, SMRT Employee Patiently And Generously Answers His Questions

Some Singaporeans might view students from Pathlight School — which provides education for high-functioning children with autism — with prejudice and wariness.


But this heartwarming encounter might very well change your perception of these students forever — students there are capable of normal conversation, and their knowledge and ability may even surpass that of others.

Pathlight student, SMRT staff connect over buses

On Monday (6 Apr), a netizen encountered a boy wearing a T-shirt from Pathlight School having an enthusiastic conversation with an SMRT staff.


Now, while most people sitting in the train would have their eyes firmly locked on their handphone screens, and wouldn’t even consider talking to a complete stranger, this boy was different.

He seemed to have a very extensive knowledge of buses, which is possibly why he was so interested in speaking to a stranger in an SMRT uniform.

In fact, their conversation was apparently so smooth and engaging that it reminded us of Russell and Carl from the Disney movie UP — people who connect despite an age gap and different backgrounds.


Pathlight student asked stranger all sorts of questions

According to the Facebook post of a Mr Kelvin Ang, he overheard the duo’s conversation beside him while he was on the train.


Throughout the journey, the boy enthusiastically bombarded the SMRT staff with questions on buses, displaying a keen sense of curiosity that impressed the netizen.


Amazingly, rather than be annoyed at the boy for disturbing his ride home, the staff was extremely forthcoming with his replies.

The man took the time to answer the boy’s questions patiently, and even encouraged the boy’s questions by letting him see photos and asking him questions of his own.

Special-needs students can be the best versions of themselves

Despite his young age, the boy definitely knew what he was talking about.

He was able to rattle off specifications and latest updates on bus standards, even going down to the technical details.


Genuinely impressed, Mr Ang wanted to share this story to clear any misconceptions about special-needs students and highlight that they can be very talented and knowledgeable, and they will show this given the right circumstances and when asked about the things that interest them.

And people like the SMRT staff, who willingly engaged the boy patiently and openly, certainly gave the boy the right circumstances to indulge in his passion.

If there are people like the SMRT staff around to stimulate them, special-needs students will certainly will be able to become the best versions of themselves.


A heartwarming moment

Indeed, this heartwarming moment between the pair elicited positive responses on the Internet.

Most netizens were encouraged at how it shows that it’s possible for society to be accommodating towards those with special needs.

Kudos to the SMRT staff for being so receptive and patient towards the boy, and to the boy: Never be afraid to speak about your passions and dreams, there are people out there who will be receptive.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Stannah’s blog