Spider-Man Adidas Sneakers From $55 Will Take You Far From Home In Singapore

Adidas X Marvel Collab Features Spider-Man Sneakers From $55

Spider-Man: Far From Home is out and fans can show their love by checking out this Adidas x Marvel collaboration.

Some sneakers from the collection are available now on Adidas Singapore’s website. While we’ll never have superpowers, we bet it’ll help you run as fast and jump as high as you want.


We all have dreams of becoming Peter Parker and these sneakers could make this a reality. Here are our favourites.

1. Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man ($160)

If Peter Parker actually owned a pair of sneakers, they would probably look like Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man flashy design in bold red and bright blue.


We love the sharp contrast of the colours as a nod to the iconic costume that we wish we had. Notice the white spider detail on the lapel?


2. Stealth Spider-Man ($160)

The Stealth Spider-Man is a black and green coloured sneaker with glow-in-the-dark details.


Those who want to be stealthy at night might achieve the opposite effect because glowing shoes do tend to attract attention.


3. Symbiote Spider-Man ($160)

We’re loving the shocking pink and core black combination on the Symbiote Spider-Man sneakers. Adidas boasts that this offers support for dynamic movement and instant step-in comfort. We’re currently saving money to test it out for ourselves soon.


According to Hype & Stuff, this will be available next Thursday (18 Jul).


4. Iron Spider ($160)

Comic fans will know that the Iron Spider is a fictional exoskeleton with four mechanical  arms. While we’re not sure if we’ll see the suit on the movie, we’re fans of the scarlet red and metallic gold mix.


This will be launched on a later date — from 1 August to be exact.


5. Marvel Spider-Man Rapidarun shoes ($55)

Kids won’t miss out on superhero sneakers too! The Rapidarun Shoes are for the littlest fans who want to play all day long. Parent’s will be delighted to find that it features lightweight cushioning and a breathable mesh.


6. Marvel Spider-Man Fortarun Shoes (S$55 to S$75)

The Fortarun Shoes are built for the youngest superheroes-in-training. The design features a graffiti print filled with tiny spiders. Similar to the Rapidarun shoes, it features lightweight cushioning and all-day comfort for kids and toddlers.


Available at Adidas Singapore

The sneakers are available on the Adidas SG website – except for the Symbiote Spider-Man and Iron Spider which will be released on a later date.

The sneakers which include Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, Stealth Spider-Man, Symbiote Spider-Man and Iron Spider are a part of the D.O.N Issue #1 which is Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell’s signature sneaker line. NBA fans will know that his real-life nickname is “Spida” or “SpidaMitchell”.


The sneaker’s name “D.O.N” is an acronym for “Determination Over Negativity”. Just like many superheroes, the 22-year old Donovan Mitchell overcame adversity to become one of the most promising superstars in the league.

Gone in a flash

We predict that these sneakers will be gone in a flash thanks to the rising popularity of the movie. You’ll undoubtedly spend a long time choosing which shoe to buy so you might as well encourage your parents and siblings to collect ‘em all as a family.

Featured image from Adidas

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