Grand Star Wars Send-Off Spotted In Mandai, Signalling The Force Is Strong With This One

Grand Star Wars Send-Off At Mandai Crematorium With Stormtroopers & Darth Vader 

Bidding our loved ones goodbye when they pass on is never easy.

But when it comes to the sad but inevitable final parting of ways, the one thing that we can do is to give them a grand send-off — the way we think they would have liked it.

Clearly, this was what the friends and family of a Star Wars fan had in mind when they held a grand Star Wars-themed send-off at Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex — complete with Stormtroopers and, yes, even Darth Vader.


Saying goodbye is hard. #starwars #501st

♬ Star Wars – Produced – Ettore Stratta

Other fans of Star Wars flocked to the video to pay their respects and, at the same time, recite, “May the force be with you”.

Star Wars characters turn up at Mandai crematorium for grand send-off 

On Monday (30 Apr), TikTok user @icraft4good posted a video of a scene at Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex.

As the coffin is slowly pushed into the crematorium, a whole line of Star Wars characters walk by to give the Star Wars fan — termed “my brother” by the OP — a fitting send-off.

First, several Stormtroopers appear.

Source: TikTok

As passers-by stare and take photos, more characters in full costume walk solemnly after the coffin.

Source: TikTok

Then comes the most recognisable character — Darth Vader himself, walking past coolly.

Source: TikTok

There is even an Emperor’s Royal Guard to boot.

Source: TikTok

Whoever the deceased was, one thing is clear, he must have been well-loved by friends and family for them to plan such a thoughtful and grand send-off.

TikTokers moved by the procession 

The OP included a moving caption for the video he took of his “brother”: “Saying goodbye is hard”.

While that may be so, many were touched by the send-off. The amusing yet poignant video has garnered over 5,000 shares so far.

One person said that the deceased would have been so proud of everyone involved in the procession.

Source: TikTok

Other users, presumably fans of the epic series themselves, echoed the sentiments of many, saying that the deceased lives on in the Force.

Source: TikTok

One added that only a true Star Wars fan would understand the significance of this send-off.

Source: TikTok

To the uninitiated, The Force from the famous Star Wars series refers to a mysterious energy field created by all living things, binding the galaxy together. Those who successfully harnessed the power of the Force will develop impressive abilities, such as moving objects and controlling minds.

A fitting farewell for a fan 

Coincidentally, this comes just days before 4 May, which is celebrated by Star Wars fans all over the world.

While it may be hard to say goodbye, we are sure the Star Wars fan can rest in peace with such a grand send-off, where many Star Wars characters made an appearance.

Perhaps the OP can say to his brother, “With the Force, he has joined. Grieve, I will not.”

May the Star Wars fan rest in peace and stand proud among the Galactic Republic.

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Featured image adapted from @icraft4good on TikTok

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