Starbucks S’pore Year Of The Rat Mugs & Tumblers Are So Cute, They’ll Make You Squeak In Delight

Starbucks Singapore Launches Year Of The Rat Mugs, Tumblers & Cold Cups For CNY

The Year of the Rat is almost here so it’s time to celebrate with new merchandise.

On Friday (3 Jan), Starbucks released their rat-themed mugs and tumblers for the Chinese New Year (CNY). The collection features adorable mugs, tumblers and cold cups that might bring you good luck.

Gorgeous mugs and cold cups

Coffee fans can enjoy their hot cup of coffee in adorable mugs that will make their friends jelly.

These red mugs have pops of fireworks and colors to commemorate the upcoming CNY festivities. Parents can purchase the regular-sized mug and get the miniature version for the kids so they’ll match.

From left to right: Say cheese collection

Mug, 12oz: $24.90
Mug, 3oz: $18.90

Those who want their morning coffee protected from the elements can buy this mug instead. You’ll end up loving your mornings thanks to the adorable round-faced rat staring up at you.

From left to right: Hello collection

Mug and saucer, 3oz: $28.90 each

Your days will undoubtedly become brighter with these optimistic pastel-coloured mugs covered with a rat-shaped lid. Here’s to hoping that there will be more sparkle in your life.

From left to right: Cheers collection

Mug, 12oz: $22.90
Mug, 12oz: $32.90

This group of rats from the ‘Friends’ collection reminds us to value our friends in the upcoming year.

The large rat mug can also act as a cute decor for your work desk, while the little rat trio sitting around the edge of the Starbucks mug can keep you company.

From left to right: Friends collection

Mug, 12oz: $39.90
Mug, Right, 12oz: $30.90

Brighten your day by storing your morning coffee in this cute tumbler. We bet you’ll be obsessed with the lid featuring kawaii animals playing in a magical, starry wonderland.

From left to right: Oh So Fancy collection

Cold cup, 16oz: $29.90

Tumblers and cold cups

New year, new cups! Unlike the usual merchandise we get from Starbucks, these might give you an extra blessing for school and work.

From left to right: New Year Wishes collection

Tumbler, 12oz: $23.90
Cold Cup, 24oz: $28.90
Rat Bank: $38.90
Bottle, 14oz: $23.90

Those who need all the luck that they can get should check out these tumblers and cold cups featuring rats giving a basketful of good wishes.

From left to right: Peekaboo collection

Cold Cup, Left, 20oz: $39.90
Tumbler, Right, 10oz: $33.90

Celebrate the upcoming year by drinking with friends and raising your ‘Lucky Toast’ tumblers and cold cups. These could be the lucky charm you need to ace those exams or get your long-awaited promotion.

From left to right: Lucky Toast collection

Tumbler, 16oz: $26.90
Cold Cup, 16oz: $36.90
Tumbler, 16oz: $26.90
Cold Cup, 16oz: $22.90

This pack of wide-eyed animals will definitely keep your beverages warm. We’re especially drawn to the miniature mouse sitting on the tumbler’s lid.

From left to right: Warmth collection

Tumbler, 16oz: $26.90
Tumbler, 16oz: $45.90
Cold Cup, 16oz: $56.90

Your dose of coffee will last all day long thanks to these pink and red tumblers. Take a sip each time you need an energy boost and you’ll be productive throughout the day.

From left to right: Happy Days collection

Tumbler, 16oz: $44.90
Tumbler, 12oz: $39.90

Ang baos & stuffed toys

The perfect gift for coffee lovers seems to be this soft and fluffy ‘Mister Bearista’ for $38.90. Dressed in a onesie with cute rat ears, you’re sure to get lots of warm blessings and cuddles out of it.

Meanwhile, those who love living room decor can purchase a snow globe for $30.90.

Starbucks’ Gold members can avail of these artistic ang baos by purchasing any item from the Lunar New Year collection.

Zodiac pins & musical box

Zodiac enthusiasts should add the Starbucks Zodiac Pin collection to their shopping list. The pin set features bearistas clad in outfits, each representing one of the twelve animals. You can get the entire collection for $69.90.

While we’ve seen musical boxes, none can match the cuteness of Starbucks’ musical box. We’re curious to know what music they’ll play and you can find out by purchasing this merch for $89.90.

Celebrating CNY with Starbucks

Starbucks’ CNY collection will undoubtedly make you excited for the upcoming decade.

Some of the merchandise are only available in selected stores. You can find out the availability of the merch by checking out Starbucks’ website.

While we’re uncertain of the future, we hope that this merch will help us get lucky and be successful. We also think that they’re the perfect gifts for friends and family.

What are your plans for CNY? Let us know in the comments below.

All images courtesy of Starbucks Singapore. 

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