Starbucks Taiwan Has 12 Constellation Mugs That’ll Put A Twinkle In The Eyes Of Astrology Fans

Starbucks Taiwan To Launch Limited Edition 12 Constellation Mugs On 26 Dec

Some may be skeptical about astrology and horoscopes, but we’ll take any luck we can get.

If you’ve always been a believer in horoscopes, then Starbucks Taiwan’s new merch must be on your radar.

Their 12 Constellations Mugs each corresponds to a Zodiac sign, which makes it a beautiful birthday gift for astrology fans in 2020.


According to Taiwan news site UDN, the Capricorn and Aquarius mugs will launch in Dec and Jan 2020. Meanwhile, the Pisces and Aries mugs will be available from Feb 2020 and so on.


Check out these perfect gifts for horoscope fans.

Starbucks Taiwan’s 12 Constellation Mugs

Each symbol is printed at the top of the Zodiac calendar with bronze patterns, like this Taurus mug. Check out some of the other designs below.


Exquisite totems and illustrations surround Cancer. The color of the mugs’ mouth depends on its affinity with elements like earth, air, fire, and water.


Twins Castor and Pollux are angels that symbolise the Gemini constellation. These caring twins represent the love between best friends, siblings, and relatives.


They say Leos are leaders that rule with the heart so it’s only fair that its illustration stands tall and proud.


The Virgos are represented by an angelic maiden that seems to be harvesting a shaft of wheat. True to the Starbucks brand, the angel’s wings and clothes are dotted with coffee beans.


The Libra mug has a scale that is associated with balance and harmony. We hope that we’ll attain equilibrium in various areas of our life in the upcoming year too.


A strong archer aiming at the sun represents the Sagittarius constellation.


Dreamy monochrome mugs

Coffee connoisseurs who love the combination of black and gold will undoubtedly fall in love with Starbucks Taiwan’s dreamy collection. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish that it will arrive in Starbucks Singapore too.

In the meantime, if you’re heading to Taiwan this December, then grab a couple of these constellation mugs. We think these limited edition products are definitely worth collecting.

Featured image from Starbucks Taiwan. 

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