Starbucks Taiwan Will Also Sell Exclusive Mugs & Notebooks During The Coffee Journey 2019 Exhibition

Starbucks is not all about coffee. Their array of pretty merchandise are highly sought after as well.

Adding to their growing set of collectibles, Starbucks Taiwan is here to change the game.

If you’re a coffee addict and have tickets to Taiwan next month, listen up. You’ll have a solid shot at owning a limited edition black suitcase.


There’s only 100 of these sleek babies available, launched in conjunction with Starbucks Taiwan’s interactive exhibition “Coffee Journey.”

Starbucks Taiwan launches exclusive suitcases on 10 July

According to Elle Taiwan, the exclusive Starbucks travel suitcases will be officially launched at Coffee Journey 2019 exhibition on 10 July.

Boasting a striped, metallic texture, the suitcase is marked by a monochromatic Starbucks logo on one side.


On the other, you’ll see Coffee Journey’s slogan “Journey Begins After Coffee” — an apt depiction of every coffee lover’s day.

They will be going for TWD9,800 (around $428).

Get mugged by the Giant Siren

If you’re gawking at the price above, we have something else to floor you with. Look at the mug below. The gigantic one on the left.


It really isn’t your typical Starbucks mug. It’s a limited edition Giant Siren mug that is the size of a bucket, which will be on sale together with the travel suitcase.

Get this — the Giant Siren is also going for TWD9,800 (around $428). Say what.


Only 100 mugs are available.

You can get the rest of the mainstream mug sizes, though. Not everything is out of reach. They have:

  • 89ml mug – TWD250 (around $11)
  • 355ml mug – TWD350 (around $15)
  • 473ml mug – TWD400 (around S$18)

Look stylish with special notebooks & other merchandises

Here’s more of what you can expect from the Coffee Journey 2019 exhibition by Starbucks Taiwan.

You have a super chio commemorative notebook, which costs TWD280 (around $12).


Fancy a white FIKA coffee grinder? It’s priced at TWD3,980 (around $173) — that’s cheaper than the mug and travel suitcase. Whoa.


Here, we have another unique, limited edition series ‘endorsed’ by the Sumatra Tiger. You have:

  • a stainless steel mug – TWD650 (around $28)
  • a tote bag – TWD500 (around $22)
  • a towel – TWD380 (around $17)


If you’re going to Taiwan next month, here’s what you need to know about Coffee Journey 2019.

Date: 3-28 July
: Starbucks Taiwan Coffee Journey 2019: No.1, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taiwan 100, Taipei City
Time: 12pm-8pm daily
Distance from airport: Around 47km east from Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei


Feature image from Starbucks Taiwan and Elle Taiwan.