Starbucks Taiwan To Launch Polar Bear Tumblers, Mugs & Plates This Holiday Season

While we don’t live in the North Pole, we can still get our hands on adorable polar bears for this holiday season.

On Friday (13 Dec), SoraNews24 reported that Starbucks Taiwan launched limited-edition polar bear tumblers, mugs, plates, and glasses to join the festive bandwagon.

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The holiday season reminds us of snowflakes and pine trees. While you might not be heading up North, at least you can collect these cold cups and tumblers.

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Fans of the colour red can get these adorable merchandise from their stores too.


If you’re heading to Taiwan this holiday season, then here’s a good reason why you should drop by Starbucks’ stores.

Adorable polar bear mugs & glassware

Each drinkware from their collection reminds us that it’s the season for giving back to the ones we love the most.

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Make your breakfast more interesting by using this festive mug for your frappuccino and coffee. You’ll be happy to see it match your living room decorations too!


We never thought we needed a new tumbler until we saw the miniature polar bear sitting on the tumblers’ lid. If you’re bringing back souvenirs from Taiwan, then this is the perfect gift for friends and family.


Given how cooling Singapore’s weather has been this Dec, that won’t stop us from preparing piping hot cocoa on this mug.


Gorgeous saucers & plates

Those who are tired of the typical kitchenware can bring the holiday cheer to their dining tables with this mug and plate. We bet kids will be tempted to place their rice on the polar bear decor to form a unique shape.


The holidays are the season for get-togethers. You can use this opportunity to show off your culinary skills and let your guests dine in style by serving food or tea on these beautiful saucers and plates.


Holiday season in your own cups

The new polar bear-themed plates, mugs and glassware will undoubtedly make your guests feel the festive season.

While we’ll never experience cold winter nights in sunny Singapore, at least you can experience them on your trip to Taiwan. Don’t forget to grab adorable polar bear merchandise as souvenirs back home.

After all, the holiday season is about being generous and kind to your friends and family.

What do you think of these polar bear merchandise? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Instagram.