MustShareMail: Advocate Free Mental Health Support For The Younger Generation

Singapore should make mental health support affordable and accessible. They can start by offering heavily discounted rates to students.

I’ve heard friends telling me that getting a referral at a polyclinic for therapy is difficult.

Private therapy is also expensive, which many students can’t afford without parents’ help.

Depression and anxiety among friends seem to be more common too, and I fear that the barriers for them to seek help may be too much for them.

The Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t help either.

Due to this, we may need to lower the barriers by making the cost of entry affordable for everyone.

Every student can use a listening ear, but it’s not easy for them to admit that. Lowering costs will send the message that mental health care is important and so encourage more to seek help.

Toh WJ, 17, student

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