Covid-19 Support Grant Extended Till EOY, Applicants Must Show Effort In Job Search & Training

Covid-19 Support Grant Extended Till 31 Dec, New Eligibility Criteria Applies From 1 Oct

Singapore’s economy has taken a hard hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and many Singaporeans are struggling as they face income reduction and unemployment.

Thus, the Covid-19 Support Grant (CSG) was introduced by the Government to help those affected. In August, it was announced that the grant will be extended to December.

However, the extension comes with new eligibility criteria — including that applicants must 1st prove that they’ve been actively searching for a job or training.

Covid-19 Support grant

CSG extended till 31 Dec

Last month, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced that the CSG will be extended till 31 Dec.


The CSG currently benefits Singaporeans and permanent residents who have:

  1. Lost their jobs
  2. Been placed on involuntary no-pay leave
  3. Sustained significant salary loss

Successful applicants will receive up to $800 per month for 3 months.

New criteria for CSG

But this extension won’t come without conditions.

On Wednesday (22 Sep), the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) issued a press release, revealing details of the 2 new eligibility criteria:

  1. Unemployed applicants have to prove they tried to find a job or to undergo training.
  2. All applicants can’t own more than 1 property.

MSF explained that the new criterion to prove job and training efforts is in line with the launching of the SGUnited Jobs & Skills Package, which helps affected workers acquire skills and access more job opportunities.

It also said that the new criterion on property ownership was set up to ensure that the grant would go to those with less means.

New conditions take effect on 1 Oct

The new criteria will take effect on 1 Oct at 9am.

Those who previously received the grant or are in the final month of their assistance may also re-apply for additional support from 1 Oct.

However, 1st-time applicants who meet the current eligibility criteria can still apply for the grant until 30 Sep, 6pm.


Supporting documents needed

During the application process, individuals will be required to show supporting documents that reflect their current employment situation.

This can come in the form of a letter from a company about their retrenchment or involuntary no-pay leave.

Proof of applicants’ previous and current salaries will also need to be disclosed.

Due to the new criteria, applicants must also submit documents that demonstrate they are putting in effort in their job search or training.

How to prove your job/training search

How is an applicant deemed to be actively searching for a job or training?

Applicants must have taken 1 or more of the following actions:

  1. Applied for schemes under SGUnited Job and Skills Package — furnish record of job and training applications.
  2. Applied for or participated in job search or training programme under Workforce Singapore or the Employment and Employability Institute — furnish record of job application/attendance of job search or training programmes.
  3. Applied or participated in training programmes supported by SkillsFuture Singapore — furnish record showing application for or enrolment in courses supported by SkillsFuture.
  4. Applied or interviewed for jobs — furnish letters/emails/screenshots of job applications or interviews scheduled/attended, or self-declare under penalty of legal consequences for false declarations.

Covid-19 Support grant

Ways to apply

To apply for the CSG, you can fill in this form here.

Those who need assistance filling in the online application form can contact ComCare Call hotline at 1800-222-0000 or email

You can also apply in person by approaching your nearest Social Service Office to schedule an application slot.

We wish all whose jobs are affected by the pandemic all the best in securing alternative employment.

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