NOC’s Sylvia Says Playing ‘Bad Cop’ Made Her An Angry Person She Feels Ashamed Of

Sylvia Says Years Of Playing ‘Bad Cop’ & Protecting Ryan Made Her An Angry Person

When Xiaxue suddenly announced last night (24 Oct) that she would release an exclusive interview video featuring Sylvia Chan, this sent everyone invested in the ongoing Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) saga into a frenzy.

For the first time since allegations against her came to light, the NOC CEO sat down for an emotional interview with local blogger Xiaxue.


In the interview that lasted 1 hour 47 minutes, Sylvia revealed her side of the story, saying that playing the ‘bad cop’ for years turned her into an angry and hateful person.

She also shared that confronting these allegations was difficult because she’s ashamed of that version of herself. She claimed that the old Sylvia was no longer who she is today.

Says she is now a different person

At the 36 minute mark of the video, Xiaxue asked Sylvia to address the allegations of workplace abuse against her.

Sylvia responded that writing the public apology letter was the hardest day of her life.

Sylvia bad copSource

After taking a step back, she realised that she played the ‘bad cop’ role for so long that she had become a terrible person she never wanted to be.

I may be crass, on one hand, I may be vulgar, but I have never been so angry and so hateful.

Sometime last year, Sylvia said she was chain-smoking to the point where she had gone through 2 cigarette packs a day.

She related that she had a moment of awakening when she saw her house filled with ashtrays and cigarettes and thought to herself, “Who is this crazy person?”

Since then, Sylvia quit smoking and started to work on herself, as she no longer wanted to continue down that path.

She claimed that going to therapy since the start of the year has helped her improve as a person.

For her, confronting these allegations and penning down the apology was difficult because she said she was no longer that kind of person.

Sylvia wants the chance to move on, but with more allegations surfacing day by day over the past month, she felt like she was constantly devolving into “Sylvia version shit”, which she no longer wants to be.

Sylvia played ‘bad cop’ to protect Ryan and NOC

Throughout the years, Sylvia said she had always felt the need to play the ‘bad cop’ role to protect the NOC business and her now ex-husband Ryan.

Claiming that Ryan was always an emotional person, she explained the need to be protective of him whenever he was hurt.

The same thing applied to whenever Ryan was angry. Hence, the task of doing the scolding would always be entrusted to Sylvia, who said she would gladly do it to protect his role as the ‘good cop’.

Somewhere along the way, Sylvia said she took on the persona of an angry person who was seemingly against everyone.

Years of assuming the ‘bad cop’ role had been detrimental to her mental health, which eventually led to her asking for a divorce.

Felt manipulated by Ryan’s suicidal tendencies

Talks of Sylvia’s workplace behaviour soon became a deep dive into her marriage and relationship with Ryan.

Probing into Sylvia’s need to be protective, Xiaxue brought up Ryan’s suicidal tendencies, which he revealed after the divorce.

Sylvia then divulged that Ryan had attempted to take his own life “so so so many times” throughout their relationship. She substantiated this claim by providing screenshots of their conversations.

Sylvia bad copSource

She added that close friends of theirs were also part of a “Ryan suicide watch”.

Getting choked up, Sylvia said there were days when she ran around the house, thinking he had really done it, and feeling that it was her fault for failing to protect him.


Having lived under such circumstances for a long time, Sylvia said she felt even more strongly about wanting to protect him, out of fear.

The threat of suicide made her feel trapped for years. Hesitating slightly, Sylvia said,

I felt very manipulated.

You can watch the interview in full here.

A business entwined with a relationship that soured

While many can empathise with Sylvia’s experience, it is notable that the interview had turned personal, with several allegations remaining unanswered.

Perhaps, it is inevitable in a business so entwined with an interpersonal relationship that soured over time.

We hope more can be done to address what employees had purportedly experienced in the workplace and safeguard their wellbeing.

Now that Sylvia has said her piece in the interview, it is up to the past and current employees to interpret her answers. Hopefully, they can determine a clearer direction on how the company can move forward together.

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