Sylvia Chan Studying To Be Life Coach, Wants To Use Past Experiences To Help Others

Sylvia Chan Studying To Be Life Coach, Wants To Use Past Experiences To Help Others

NOC Co-Founder Sylvia Chan Training As Life Coach, Now Taking On Clients

It looks like Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) co-founder Sylvia Chan isn’t just moving on from her dramatic workplace abuse allegations and intense divorce saga from nearly two years ago.

She’s going to use what she has learnt from all her experiences to try and help others.

Source: @sylsyl.chan on Instagram

Last Saturday (20 May), she announced that she would soon be “graduating as a life coach” and is currently taking on clients.

Interested parties can start signing up now, and Sylvia will inform them by end-May whether she will select them as her inaugural batch of coachees.

Sylvia Chan taking on clients as life coach

In a series of Instagram Stories, Sylvia shared that ever since everything that happened to her in late 2021, she’s been on a number of “wonderful projects“.

The most exciting one, she gushed, is her studies to be a life coach.

sylvia chan life coach

Source: @sylsyl.chan on Instagram

American coaching platform BetterUp defines a life coach as “someone who counsels and encourages clients through personal or career challenges” to help them “reach their ultimate goals”.

It also emphasised that they are different from therapists, who are trained mental health professionals.

Sylvia explained that as a life coach, she would be using a combination of her “life experience, work experience, divorce experience, saga experience, consultant experience, entrepreneur experience, creator experience” and training to help others with their issues.

She added that she is ready to accept coachees and included a link to a Google Form for potential clients to sign up.

As for why she’s decided to become a life coach, Sylvia explained that many people have asked her to share everything she’s learnt from all that happened to her.

However, she only wanted to do so after picking up the relevant skills properly.

sylvia chan life coach

Source: @sylsyl.chan on Instagram

“I WANT to live and breathe professional, [result-driven] frameworks [plus know-how] as a life coach to direct my coachee (and you!) to a better place for YOU,” she wrote.

Her goal is to “dish advice that [is] tangible and actionable” to her clients, who will also get to hear her “epic stories and lessons” along the way.

Wants to see if ‘stars align’ with potential clients

The Google Form states that Sylvia’s coaching sessions will kick off next month.

Source: @sylsyl.chan on Instagram

As she only graduates in July, she is offering a “flexible special coaching rate” as a coaching student.

Clients can choose to pay S$35, S$60, or S$88 — depending on what they can commit — for a 60-minute call.

They can also indicate if they are comfortable with her recording their coaching call for her coursework. The recordings will be available for her “Master Coach” to watch and provide feedback to Sylvia.

Simply signing up doesn’t guarantee you a spot, though.

The form includes a section stating that Sylvia is looking for clients whose “stars align” with hers.

She will determine this based on what they write about themselves and why they’re seeking coaching with her.

Those chosen to be in her first batch of coaches will be notified by 31 May.

Only choosing people who are ‘good’ for her

Sylvia explained why she’s being so selective with her coachees in a separate post.

“I’ve learned the hard lesson of being a ‘fixer’, a ‘people pleaser’ — giving and giving till I was empty [and] angry,” she wrote. “No more!”

I now only choose company [with] humans who are good for me [and] whom I can be good for.

She then urged people to sign up only if they feel everything she’s shared “sounds delightful” to them.

“On the same note, please unfollow me and have the agency [and] wisdom to leave if this space triggers you,” was her message to haters.

“Thank you for your company thus far [and] my most sincere wishes to you to find your tribe too!”

Regardless of what you think of Sylvia, it’s commendable that she’s choosing to turn negativity into positivity.

We wish her all the best in her endeavour, and may she help many clients as a life coach.

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