Taipei Restaurant Serves Ramen With 14-Legged Isopod, It Apparently Tastes Like Crab

Taipei Restaurant Offers S$65 Ramen With 14-Legged Isopod As Special Ingredient

As a widely popular delicacy, we typically expect a bowl of ramen to consist of standard ingredients, mainly noodles, broth and meat toppings.

Rarely do we ever see them contain deep sea creatures — and yet, that is exactly what’s on the menu for a restaurant in Taipei.

The eatery has begun offering ramen with a 14-legged isopod, available for its regulars.

Taipei restaurant offers ramen with 14-legged isopod

Located in the Zhongshan District of Taipei, The Ramen Boy revealed details about the unique delicacy on Facebook.

Source: 拉麵公子  on Facebook

They announced that they had finally managed to get their hands on a 14-legged isopod, and would be ready to begin serving it alongside a bowl of ramen.

A carnivorous animal, the isopod lives in the sea in between 170 metres and 2,140 metres deep, at 4°C.

The capture in attached photographs was made from near the Dongsha Islands, the eatery added.

Source: 拉麵公子  on Facebook

Taste of isopod comparable to crab

Describing it as a “dream ingredient”, The Ramen Boy elaborated on the cooking process of the creature.

The chefs start by getting rid of the intestines and keeping the glands.

Source: 拉麵公子  on Facebook

They then proceed to steam the isopod.

Source: 拉麵公子  on Facebook

As for its flavour, the restaurant shared that the meat parts taste like lobster and crabs, while the yellow glands taste like crab roe.

“The overall taste is unexpectedly sweet,” the restaurant concluded.

They added that they don’t use the isopod to cook the ramen broth. Instead, they prepare the soup using a variety of other ingredients, such as different types of seafood.

The meal is only available for regulars, at a price of NT$1,480 (S$64.94). As it is in limited supply, those interested would have to book a slot after registering.

Netizens express shock at unique dish

The restaurant’s post has since gone viral, sparking incredulity, curiosity and disgust among netizens.

Many recoiled at the idea of consuming the isopod, with one claiming that they were too frightened to try it.

Translation: Sorry I’m really scared.
Source: Facebook

Another user even compared it to a project at a science museum, rather than an edible ingredient.

Translation: Looks like a special project at the Natural Science Museum.
Source: Facebook

There were those who also criticised the restaurant for capturing the animal and using it in their dishes.

Translation: Trawling is very harmful to the ecology.
Source: Facebook

In their view, such an act harms the ecosystem of the sea, all for the sake of giving customers something new to try.

A new type of ramen for the adventurous

With how frightening the isopod looks in pictures, this definitely seems like a dish only for the more adventurous among us.

Regardless, this wouldn’t be the first time a bowl of ramen sported an unlikely ingredient — with ramen milk tea going viral last year.

Would you be game to try this dish? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from 拉麵公子  on Facebook.

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