Taiwan Café Stands Among Mountains, Sip On Tea While Sitting Above A Sea Of Clouds

Taiwan Café Has Scenic Mountain Views & Authentic Tea

When in Taiwan, we love to binge on delicious cuisine and visit rural areas to take a break from the city. Now, what if you could experience both at the same time?

Located in Chiayi County in Taiwan, Tripper Tea Taiwan is surrounded by majestic mountains, tea gardens, and a misty sea of clouds.

Taiwan café

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If you’re looking for a heavenly retreat while holidaying at a famous shopping destination, look no further than this café in the mountains.

Taiwan café has scenic mountain views

Famous for its breathtaking sunrise, towering trees and lush forests, Chiayi County has all the makings of a beautiful backdrop for your Instagram photos.

Enhance your aesthetics with a stop at Tripper Tea café, where you can get that minimalist caffeine snapshot against a gorgeous view.

Taiwan café 1

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It is said the best teas are grown in high altitudes, so the shop is around 1,500 to 1,700 metres above sea level. From your vantage point, you’ll be able to marvel at majestic mountains as far as your eye can see.

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Just imagine taking in stunning scenery while bathed in golden sunlight on this open-air balcony. All you’ll need is to pair your experience with a calming tea and savoury morsels to fully appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.

Taiwan café 3

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After rainy days, the café is occasionally surrounded by an iridescent sea of clouds, which looks strangely similar to the mountaintop scenery from Mount Fuji in Japan.

Taiwan café 4

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Has gorgeous gardens in full bloom

If you prefer to have a cup of tea in the great outdoors, then here’s some great news for you. Tripper Tea has a stunning garden with diverse trees and fields of tea leaves.

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Feel free to walk around the vast rural area and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

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Serves Alishan tea

Tripper Tea specialises in Ali Mountain (Alishan) Tea, an oolong tea that thrives high in the mountains of central Taiwan. You’ll love its light orchid aroma and complex yet sweet flavour, with hints of fruit and flowers.

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Its menu also features cakes, pastries, and filling meals such as Bak Kut Teh with tofu. This way, you’ll have the energy you need to continue your travels or head back to your hotel.

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Visit Taiwan tea shop with sea of clouds

Tripper Tea is one of the best spots for tea connoisseurs who are longing for authentic drinks and amazing scenery.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in stopping by:

Address: 603, Taiwan, Chiayi County, Meishan Township, 樟樹湖27號
Facebook: Tripper Tea Facebook

Refresh your typical travel itinerary

While a typical visit to Taiwan may include lots of shopping and eating, it doesn’t hurt to try something different.

Take the chance to explore the rural side of Taiwan and fall in love with the beauty of Mother Nature.

Who knows, you might find the serenity you’ve been looking for since the year started.

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Featured image adapted from 旅人茶濃 Tripper Tea。山角鐵茶屋 on Facebook, Facebook & Facebook.

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