Shirtless Man Goes Berserk Like ‘The Hulk’ At Taiwan 7-Eleven Store, Gets Hit 12 Times By Police Baton

Man In Taiwan Rampages Through 7-Eleven Store Like ‘The Hulk’ On 20 May

A half-naked man recently rampaged through a 7-Eleven convenience store in Taiwan, reportedly unhappy that his preferred flavour of chicken breast was unavailable.

The incident took a bizarre turn when the muscular man flexed and roared while having a face-off with the police, as if he was The Hulk IRL.

Despite his size and ferocity, the man was eventually subdued by the police.

However, one of the police officers is currently under investigation for excessive force — the officer reportedly struck the suspect 12 times while the latter was defenceless.

Man in Taiwan shouts at police officer like The Hulk

In a video clip circulating online, a topless man was seen swinging punches at a police officer in a 7-Eleven store.

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According to Yahoo News Taiwan, the incident occurred in Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, last Saturday (20 May) morning.

Seeing that the man’s attention was solely on his colleague, another police officer tried sneaking up behind the muscular man but was unsuccessful.

The man briefly turned his attention to the second police officer before leaping into the air and unleashing a roar, akin to what an enraged Hulk would do.

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He then got down into a deep squatting position before flexing his body with his fists by his side.

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Police officer strikes defenceless suspect with baton

In another clip, the chiselled man was seen seated outside the store, seemingly subdued. Despite being restrained, the man continued shouting at two police officers.

As the man got on his feet, one of the police officers retrieved a baton from his colleague before hitting the man square on his back.

The topless man was visibly hurt by the strike as he covered his head with his hands.

However, the police continued hitting him another 11 times — some of the hits even landed on the back of the man’s head.

The man was later seen lying near the store’s entrance with blood flowing from his head.

Source: Facebook

Some netizens have accused the police officer of using excessive force against the suspect.

According to Liberty Times Net, the Zhongli District Police Station has questioned the 32-year-old officer — identified as Wang — regarding the allegations.

Wang was subsequently given two demerit points, reports Yi Ping News Network.

Man reportedly unhappy that preferred chicken breast flavour wasn’t available

The bulky man was reportedly unhappy that his preferred black pepper chicken breast was sold out at the 7-Eleven store.

He initially sat down and mulled over the situation before heading to the cashier to ask why they didn’t have more stocks.

Source: Facebook

The cashier tried to explain the situation but to no avail. As such, the cashier decided to lodge a police report.

When police arrived at the scene, they reportedly found four packets of vanilla-flavoured chicken breast, but the man was adamant about his preference.

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