Resident Decorates Tampines Corridor With Plushies, Neighbours Help Add To Collection

Most of us walk along our HDB corridors every day, passing by houses whose owners put in the effort to spruce the common space up.

If you’ve been to this particular block in Tampines East, you might have come across a charming display of items adorned with lights and plants.

Image courtesy of Umar

Ms Hasbah, who resides in the ground-level flat, proudly displays adorable plushies like Winnie the Pooh, Snorlax, and an assortment of teddy bears outside her house.

These days, the plushies even don masks as a reminder for everyone to stay safe.

Tampines corridor display has plushies, lights & cat ‘condo’

Since moving to Tampines in 2019, Ms Hasbah has been decorating the area outside her house with plushies, flowers, and colourful lighting.

Image courtesy of Umar

It was a hobby she thoroughly enjoyed, having done the same in her previous home.

In fact, Ms Hasbah enjoys it so much that she spends every evening decorating and tidying the area.

Over the years, her display has become so well known that other residents have also donated their own stuffed toys to the collection.

The display even includes a cat ‘condominium’ for Ms Hasbah’s cats to hang out in. It also doubles up as a resting spot for community cats at night.

Image courtesy of Umar

More recently, when Covid-19 struck, Ms Hasbah decided to put masks on her plushies as a reminder for kids to do the same.


Through the display, Ms Hasbah hopes to bring joy to children in the neighbourhood whilst showing off her adorable collection.

Kids regularly stop by to admire display

Speaking to MS News, Ms Hasbah’s son, Umar, shared that she started decorating the area, so her 8 grandchildren feel comfortable when they visited.

But her display has grown to be a favourite among kids in the neighbourhood, with families stopping by so their lil’ ones can admire the stuffed toy collection.

Image courtesy of Umar

On weekdays, residents can also catch the endearing sight of teachers from the nearby kindergarten bringing students to visit Ms Hasbah’s display.

Image courtesy of Umar

With the stuffed toys and Ms Hasbah’s cats chilling at the ‘condominium’, it’s no wonder the kids were glued to the display during their visit.

Image courtesy of Umar

Won 3rd place in corridor decoration competition

Ms Hasbah’s efforts have certainly not gone unnoticed.

Just last month, her display came in 3rd in a Hari Raya HDB corridor competition.

tampines corridor plushies Source

It goes without saying that Ms Hasbah’s display adds flair to the estate and puts a smile on many of these kids’ faces.

Adding character & bringing joy to many

Kudos to Ms Hasbah for all the effort she puts into her corridor display.

She has definitely added character to the Tampines block and brought joy to many residents and passers-by.

In tough times like this, individuals like her give us the dose of happiness we need to get us through the challenges ahead.

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Featured image courtesy of Umar.