Kind Samaritan Helped S’porean In Hit & Run Bike Incident At Tampines

A Singaporean returned to her motorcycle on the evening of 9 May, only to discover that it had been knocked by a vehicle.

As the bike was parked in an open air motorcycle lot at Tampines, it would have been hard to trace the perpertrator.


Thankfully, a kind Samaritan had left her a note detailing the encounter he or she witnessed.

Now, Ms Abby Shaqeilla is seeking the person who wrote it to thank him or her in person. She’ll also require their assistance to provide more information on the accident.


2 motorcycles allegedly hit by a white lorry

At around 8.25pm on 9 May, her bike was parked at the carpark behind Blk 801 Tampines Avenue 4.


Ms Shaqeilla shares that the exact motorcycle lot number was no. 516.


Her bike was parked next to a black motorcycle in the adjacent lot no. 515. The number plates of both motorcycles are as follows:

Pink Bike: FBN159D
Black Bike: FBD5624Y

According to the eyewitness’ note, a white lorry had hit both motorcycles before driving off without stopping.


The note also detailed the alleged plate number of the lorry involved in the accident.

White Lorry: GU8656L

This was exactly what was written on the note,

GU 8656, white pick-up
Hit your bike, 8.25pm
Hit & Run, driver refused to stop

The lorry driver had allegedly “refused to stop” even after causing the incident.

Police report made

The bike owner has already made a police report regarding the incident.

However, she would love to thank the kind Samaritan personally and receive an account of what happened in detail to aid with investigations.


She shares that if anyone has any more information about the case, they are welcome to DM her on Facebook.

Friendly neighbourhood lookouts

We can all do our part just like this kind Samaritan to act as a lookout for similar incidents.


As shown by this story, even taking the time to leave a short note could help police crack an unsolved hit & run more easily.

All the best to Abby and we hope she gets to thank her Samaritan in person soon.

Featured image from Facebook.